Abigail: The Woman Who Married The Wrong Man - 1133

Abigail: The Woman Who Married The Wrong Man

Abigail: The Woman Who Married The Wrong Man

  • By: Pastor John Hagee
  • John Hagee Ministries

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Throughout the Bible there are thrilling stories of how God Almighty used a woman to change the course of human history. There are many great women in the Bible, but this series focuses on four pulse-pounding stories of women who risked their lives, reputations and their futures to do the will of God.

  • Ruth: The woman who got her man.
  • Esther: A woman who was crowned in crisis.
  • Tamar: A sex scandal that shook Israel.
  • Abigail: The woman who married the wrong man. God delivered her and she married the man of her dreams.

Pastor Hagee brings a much needed message to the Body of Christ. It is time to bury your sad and bitter past and anoint yourself with the joy of Lord. When you follow Christ and are fulfilling God’s purpose, He puts prosperity, healing, love, joy, and peace in your path! He binds your enemies and surrounds you with angels! Learn from these women how to follow the voice of the Lord in times of peril and that our God is the God of new beginnings!

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