The Force Of Fasting - 1302E

The Force Of Fasting

The Force Of Fasting

  • By: Pastor Matthew Hagee
  • John Hagee Ministries

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Pastor Matthew readily admits that fasting is one of the least popular topics discussed in church today. The purpose of this teaching is to explain the right ways and the wrong ways to fast. What is your goal in fasting? What are your methods? As you walk through the pages of God’s Word, you see that fasting is something that is both common and expected. It is not just for God’s super elite. It is a power that is available through Jesus Christ for everyone.

Fasting is a practice that is ordained by God to bring you supernatural power. It is something you can utilize to overcome the works of the devil in your life, to take you to a deeper level of understanding God’s Word or to use as a pre-emptive strike against anything you can’t see coming your way. Good soldiers train; fasting in the Word of God is training to be a soldier for the Lord…a soldier with divine purpose and unlimited power.

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