The Seven Secrets Of Happiness - S0903

The Seven Secrets Of Happiness

The Seven Secrets Of Happiness

  • By: Pastor John Hagee
  • John Hagee Ministries

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People are constantly searching for happiness. They try to attain contentment more diligently than anything else. We try to earn more and have more. We only end up wanting more and the hole that we are longing to fill gets bigger. People need to stop looking to the world and its material possessions to satisfy them. To find happiness, you only need to look to one source - the Word of God.

The Bible is what holds the secret to personal happiness. It is God's desire to open the window of heaven and bless His children with blessings that we cannot contain. Yet, it is our responsibility to place God first and be in the position to receive His blessings.

This series teaches you the biblical principals that are sure to make you among the happiest and most content Christians on earth.

    This series has four parts:

  • 0903 Where Can I Find Happiness?
  • 0904 Happiness is Forgiveness
  • 0905 Happiness is Being Yourself
  • 0906 The Attitude of Fortitude

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