Angels And Demons - S1006

Angels And Demons

Angels And Demons

  • By: Pastor John Hagee
  • John Hagee Ministries

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Angels... what are angels? What is their function? What is their chain of command? How do angels serve me? Do we pray to angels? Do angels guide us?

Pastor Hagee explains these questions and gives many more insights into what role angels play in the life of a believer. In dark contrast to God's messengers, the Bible also exposes a very real world of Satan's demonic legions whose sole purpose is to torment humanity.

You will be educated through the Scriptures on the reality of demons, how Jesus dealt with demons, what demons do to people, how to recognize demon activity and finally how to be delivered from demons.

With the exposure of our society to the occult through television, movies and the phenomenal Harry Potter series to infect our children, this is a must hear series that explores this subject in great detail.

This Series Includes:

  • 1006 - Angels God’s Secret Agents Part 1
  • 1008 - Angels God’s Secret Agents Part 2
  • 1011 - Exposing And Expelling Demons

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