Discovering the God of the Bible - S1348

Discovering the God of the Bible

Discovering the God of the Bible

  • By: Pastor John Hagee
  • John Hagee Ministries

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Pastor Hagee says that we need to discover the love of God in order for America to survive! The traditional family is falling apart, and if that happens, America will fail. Love holds the family together through the storms of life like cords of steel. We must discover the love of God to heal our nation and the nations of the world.

The love of God drove the Crowned Prince of Glory from the diamond-encrusted balconies of heaven to a stinking cave in Bethlehem full of animals. Jesus then endured a life filled with hatred and rejection before dying for our sins. Learn the many ways that God has exhibited His love for His children over the years, and find out how to infuse supernatural love into your own home. It could absolutely change your way of life!p>

This series includes four sermons:

  • 1348 - Reviving the Love of God
  • 1349 - Recovering the Peace of God
  • 1350 - Receiving The Grace of God
  • 1401 - Recognizing The Truth of God

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