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The Vision Is Born..

As a teenager, I was employed by an orphanage in Houston, Texas. It was there that I saw life through the eyes of an orphan. It was there that I saw the pain of rejection, and the agony of not having a family.

 As you can imagine, it was heart-wrenching to watch these children, week after week, as no one came to visit and no one seemed to care. This experience placed a vision deep in my heart that has been watered by the Holy Spirit through my years of ministry.

When I first came to San Antonio in the late 1960’s, I tried to make that vision a reality by starting an orphanage, but was prevented from doing so by circumstances that were beyond my control. I was disappointed and discouraged.I had a dream to help these children that were unwanted and unable to help themselves, but it just didn’t happen. Now, here we are nearly 60 years later and there are still hundreds of thousands of children that are discarded, abandoned and unwanted. The desperation that I had experience with all those years ago, still remains today – and SO DOES THE VISION!

Organizations like Planned Parenthood are literally destroying the future generations of the world. When a mother walks into one of these clinics for an abortion, they are handing their unborn child a death sentence. What if we could offer a viable alternative that gives young mothers, and their precious unborn children, the option of LIFE, and the possibility of a productive future?

We don’t believe that abortion should ever be the answer, but it is not enough to simply believe – we must continue to take a moral and Biblical stand against this practice, and provide an alternative for these young mothers who at times feel they have no other option. With your help, we will give them, and their unborn children, a future and a hope…a Sanctuary of Hope.

Thank you for investing in the lives of these children and the future of the world.

May God bless you.

Pastor John Hagee

Be A Part of the Inspired Vision

The land has been purchased and we have begun construction on this God-inspired facility.

But without you, this vision will not become a completed reality. Finishing the construction and getting operations underway is no small task. The good news is, we don't serve a small God!

Today, pray and consider giving your absolute best gift possible.

Lives and destinies literally hang in the balance and your generosity will set a positive course for these young mothers and their unborn children, giving them the opportunity to discover God's greatest plan for their lives!

As you give... We want to to say, "thank you" with some beautiful, custom-crafted gifts of appreciation for your generosity.

Hope & Liberty Limited Edition Painting

Hope & Liberty Limited Edition Painting

With a captivating view of God's creative landscape in the background, this beautiful and inspiring commissioned framed-art print features a stunning eagle soaring and carrying the flag of the United States.

Each time you look at it, this special 16x20 Limited Edition framed print will remind you of God's divine plans of liberty and hope that He wants you to experience.

Yours With A Gift Amount Of $500 Or More!

Forever Free Commemorative Bronze Sculpture

Forever Free Commemorative Bronze Sculpture

This stunning custom bronze sculpture, measuring over a foot in height, features a majestic eagle in flight, carrying two flags. On one side, you'll see the flag of the United States, and on the other, the flag of the nation of Israel, signifying our love for country and unwavering support of Israel.

Whether sitting on your desk, bookshelf or other prominent location, this magnificent bronze sculpture will be a consistent reminder of the hope and freedom that God intends for His people throughout the world. 

Yours With A Gift Amount Of $1,500 Or More!

Living Legacy Tree & Plaque

Living Legacy Tree & Plaque

A tree will be planted, with your personalized plaque, on the Sanctuary of Hope campus. This living legacy will serve as a reminder to everyone that visits of those that have faithfully prayed, and sacrificially given, so that others might experience God's hope and future. With your gift of $2500 or more you will also receive your choice of either the Forever Free Bronze Sculpture or the Hope & Liberty Painting as a thank you for your generous support of Hagee Ministries. (Our Partner Relations Team will contact you to get plaque details.)

Yours With A Gift Amount Of $2,500 Or More!