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Good Lord, I'm Grateful

By Matt Hagee

On the good days and the bad…give thanks! He will supply all of your needs. Do you have the patience to wait on the goodness that He has intended for your life? Be thankful unto him and bless his name.

A lot of things in life are easier said than done, like giving God the glory that He so richly deserves. Our lives have become so convenient that we often forget to rejoice in every situation, thanking Him for the good and the bad. We must pray without ceasing. Prayer isn’t the emergency hotline; it’s getting us in place to do God’s will on earth. Gratitude is how we show thankfulness to God. Gratitude opens our lives to receive His miracle-working power. Do you want God to work with you or against you? Do you want to see miracles in your life? You can, simply by giving God thanks in all things.

This sermon series includes: Lord, I Don’t Deserve This, Easier Said Than Done, The Miracle That Might Have Been.