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March 2023 marks 65 years of ministry for Pastor Hagee. Bringing the Word of God to millions is the absolute joy of his life and a daily fulfillment of his calling. He could not have accomplished this mission without you! Your prayers, partnership, and financial support make spreading the Word of God a possibility. In honor of Pastor Hagee’s momentous milestone, would you consider contributing to a lasting legacy?

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Celebrating 65 Years of Ministry


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Enjoy a timeline of Pastor Hagee’s life, view videos from the Hagee Ministries archives and leave a testimony that lets Pastor Hagee know how he has impacted your life.

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More Stories of Lives Impacted by Pastor John Hagee


"2 years ago I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I was truly frightened of not only the disease but of the treatments I had to undergo. Pastor Hagee's book "The Power to Heal" about his mother's cancer ordeal and the powerful prayers for healing saw me through many days and nights. The people on the prayer request line were very comforting and sincere. All of the prayers from Hagee ministries, my church, and my family were heard by our Savior, and by the time I had my surgery the surgeon couldn't find the cancer...There was no evidence of cancer anywhere in my lymph nodes or organs. Every scan since I have been cancer free. The medical team treating me said I couldn't ask for a better result. When Jesus heals he heals completely. Without Pastor Hagee's unshakeable faith and his insightful prayers that I prayed unceasingly, I would have not had the spectacular outcome and the peace and comfort to go through the treatments. God Bless you Pastor and all of the prayer warriors you have working to spread God's grace."

~Laura Hackler

"John Hagee Ministries is a regular part of my family’s daily worship. As a young child, John Hagee was all my father viewed. He loved uncompromising preaching and his “fire and brimstone delivery.” As a military veteran, I specifically choose to retire in San Antonio Texas. John Hagee has literally saved my life and my eternal soul. Through his powerful ministry and the work of God, my son and I both rededicated our lives and my son accepted Jesus Christ in his heart. Also, I take pride in knowing my son will receive Bible-based schooling at Cornerstone Christian Schools. I can rest knowing he is surrounded by God, His teaching, Bible believers as teachers, and exceptional safety measures. I can honestly say John Hagee Ministries has moved my life so close to God, He is now the best friend I ever had. John Hagee led me through the battlefields while serving this country. Now John Hagee Ministries has led my family and me to a generational eternal relationship with God. May God bless you and keep you now and forever. I can never thank God enough for using you to further the Kingdom of God. Please continue to preach the gospel, Vote the Bible, and support Israel."

~Johnnel C.

"I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic elementary school. As I got older, I found myself more and more uncomfortable with the teachings and doctrine I was taught. Throughout most of my adult life, I always believed in God but never found a religion I was comfortable with and could accept. In late 2013 I started watching the recorded message that was on every Sunday morning. I particularly started being moved by the teachings of tithing. The idea of the challenge offered by the Lord and of the blessings that would be poured out. Then with the scripture that by not tithing I was robbing God. Although I was unemployed in January 2014, I started to tithe and have done so ever since. In the time since then, the Lord has blessed us in ways we could never have imagined. Shortly thereafter I discovered that we could watch Sunday services live and live services have been part of pretty much every Sunday from then until now and will continue into the future. We now have been blessed to live in northern New Hampshire. I tell people that we go to church in San Antonio every Sunday. Pastor Hagee and Pastor Matt have changed my life in so many ways I could never express them all. I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. Your ministry has filled a void that I had for most of my adult life. I thank you for always preaching the Bible truths. You always tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. Thank You."

~Jim W.

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