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Hearing God in the Storm, Vol 2

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee tells us that while most of us have experienced rejection that has left us wounded, robbing us of our joy…we serve a healing Jesus who comes to restore all that has been taken from us.

There is no need to lack confidence in ourselves and the future, bound by our own self-imposed limitations. It’s time to believe in the God that believes in us.

Volume 2 of the series “Hearing God in the Storm” includes the following sermons:

  • Rejection and Resentment
  • The Storm of Self-Confidence
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Child's Play

by: Matt Hagee

In this series, Pastor Matt uses children’s games to teach us about some powerful lessons that can change the way we live our lives.

Follow the leader…are we denying ourselves and following the One who sacrificed everything for our eternal salvation? Our relationship with God is based upon our ability to follow Him.

Hide and Go Seek…Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find. Are you seeking God in your daily life?

And, I Spy…is our perspective driven by the limitations of man, or are we keeping our focus on God? The limitations of the person providing your perspective will be the limitations you set on your life’s achievements.

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There Is No Hell?

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee’s series discusses the repercussions of the Pope’s statement that there is no hell; in eternity you just simply disappear.

Theologically, if there is no hell, why did Jesus die on Calvary’s cross? How do the ungodly pay for their sinful conduct? And who are the seven kinds of people that God cannot save?

Everyone that is singing amazing grace is not going to see heaven. Even Jesus told His disciples that He would spew the lukewarm out of His mouth.

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Triumphant In Trouble

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee says that Christianity was born in the spirit of joy, as the shepherds rejoiced at the birth of our Savior. Happiness is fleeting, but true joy comes from above. Whether you are facing a day of trouble right now, or one is on the horizon…our God is able to defeat the giants you are facing if you will only trust and obey. Be encouraged with this sermon series that you can be triumphant in your day of trouble!

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The Force of Fasting

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt teaches on the benefits of fasting, stating that it is PROactive and not REactive. Fasting prepares us to fight the battle ahead. It arms us for Spiritual Warfare before the storm hits.

Give up something that is important to you. If it doesn’t matter to you, it won’t matter to God. Don’t advertise your fast on a billboard. Make it personal between you and God…and He will reward you publicly.

This great teaching on fasting demonstrates how God’s blessings can overtake you when you fast and seek HIM first!

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Priceless Treasures of Christmas

by: Matt Hagee

You will enjoy this first-ever joint series by Pastor Hagee and Pastor Matt. “The Priceless Treasures of Christmas” reminds us of the true reason for the season…the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is the story of redemption and everlasting love. We have been adopted by God; royal blood flows through our veins.

The titles in this series include:

Pastor Matt: The Buried Treasure of Bethlehem, The Treasure of Adoption

Pastor Hagee: The Treasure of Love, The Priceless Treasure: The Virgin Birth

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The Man Behind the Pulpit

by: John Hagee

Throughout his 60 years of ministry, John Hagee has experienced many accomplishments in furthering the Gospel for Jesus Christ, but one diagnosis left him questioning his ability to ever preach again. This documentary follows the life of John Hagee, his miraculous recovery from an autoimmune disease and the continuous impact his ministry has in the world.

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Great Questions Of The Bible

by: John Hagee

The Bible is full of urgent questions.

The first question in the Bible was posed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. “Where art thou?” Pastor Hagee poses the questions, “Whose side are you on? Are you on the Lord’s side, or have you been seduced by sin?” The Eternal Question is found in Mark 8:36-37, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

This series covers many great questions of the Bible, like, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The answer is “yes.” Find out why the Lord commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. While the world around us might look chaotic, God has a plan for not only our survival, but how we can thrive until the day of Christ’s return. Do you know the signs of the second coming?

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by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt steps into his role as lead pastor and shares his convictions straight from God’s Word. He urges Believers to consider the responsibility of sharing God’s truths with those around them, living an exemplary life of servitude unto the King. Culture does not define us, God’s Word does.

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