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A Savior Worth Having

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says that we live in a society that gives us a plethora of options, sometimes to our own detriment.

When it comes to salvation, there is no option. Jesus Christ is THE Savior. While many believe there is more than one way to heaven, the Bible says otherwise. You will enjoy this sermon that clearly defines Jesus Christ as THE way, THE truth and THE life.

There is only ONE name by which we might be saved, and it is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We celebrate the fact that He is a Savior worth having!

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Earth's Last Empire

by: John Hagee

You will love Pastor Hagee’s prophetic series that tells us why Jerusalem is the epicenter of Bible prophecy and the shoreline of eternity.

What happens in and around Jerusalem in the future? What is the New World Order, and how does it affect each of us?

Walk from Genesis through Revelation and find out what God’s plans are for the just and the unjust…because judgment will come to us all.

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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says that when Jesus Christ was on the cross, He poured out His blood, His sweat and His tears for each and every one of us.

Blood, sweat and tears are what make victories so sweet, something to indeed celebrate. Blood represents life. Sweat reflects that for which you are willing to work.

When we present ourselves as the unified body of Christ, at home and at church, we are inviting those around us to experience the love of a Savior that offers eternal life instead of repelling them from the opportunity to worship, to gain supernatural power through Christ Jesus.

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Warriors... Winners... Whiners... Wimps

by: Matt Hagee

In this series, Pastor Matt says that the common ground between warriors, winners, whiners and wimps is adversity.

The decisions made in the day of trouble determine how each of us is defined. Warriors confront their problems. Winners confront their problems in God’s strength. Whiners complain, and wimps put their faith in failure rather than God.

This sermon series allows us to pinpoint who we are today in Christ Jesus and strengthen our faith to become the champion for Christ that we were born to be.

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Hearing God in the Storm, Vol 2

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee tells us that while most of us have experienced rejection that has left us wounded, robbing us of our joy…we serve a healing Jesus who comes to restore all that has been taken from us.

There is no need to lack confidence in ourselves and the future, bound by our own self-imposed limitations. It’s time to believe in the God that believes in us.

Volume 2 of the series “Hearing God in the Storm” includes the following sermons:

  • Rejection and Resentment
  • The Storm of Self-Confidence
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by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt steps into his role as lead pastor and shares his convictions straight from God’s Word. He urges Believers to consider the responsibility of sharing God’s truths with those around them, living an exemplary life of servitude unto the King. Culture does not define us, God’s Word does.

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Hearing God in the Storm, Volume 1

by: John Hagee

This series teaches you how to use the storm of failure in your life as a stairway to the stars to reach your divine destiny. Life will hand you bitter failure, which can be a vicious teacher. Even the greatest names mentioned in the Bible failed at some point.

We are to have a healthy fear of God, but should not fear the things of this world…for with God, all things are possible to those that believe.

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Power Struggle

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says that inside each of us is a desire to do both right and wrong; there is temptation born of flesh. The Spirit of the Lord calls us to be more like our Savior. You must win this particular power struggle before you can successfully engage in any other kind of power struggle.

There is also a battle between the sexes, and the struggle that exists between generations. Currently there are four generations sharing the world stage because of our vast scientific knowledge.

Every struggle is brought down to selfishness and sacrifice. Will you live sacrificially or selfishly?

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Resurrection of Romance

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee walks us through the love song found in the Song of Solomon.

If your marriage is dead or your relationship needs to be restored, know that God’s greatest wish for married couples is that you come together as one, in a home filled with joy and passion.

Communication is the fountain of life to your marriage; it is to your marriage what blood is to the body. When communication stops flowing, your relationship starts to die.

Learn about effective means of communication in this series and how to enjoy even the challenging days with your spouse, walking in unison and divine blessing.

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The four kings in Revelation are, right now, taking center stage for the first time in world history.

We live with the confidence that in HIS Kingdom, there shall be no end. Are you ready?


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