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Hunger Pains

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says there is a very real difference between what you want and what you need. There is a difference between daily bread and deadly bread. When your desire and God’s divine purpose for your life collide within you, you have a hunger pain. What does the Scripture say about overcoming hunger pains and finding nourishment in God’s Word?

In every situation, we have a human desire for something delicious, but also a longing to please God. We must create a balance between our diet (what we are consuming in the world around us, the Word) and exercise (how we are walking out our faith).

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Hearing God in the Storm, Vol 2

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee tells us that while most of us have experienced rejection that has left us wounded, robbing us of our joy…we serve a healing Jesus who comes to restore all that has been taken from us.

There is no need to lack confidence in ourselves and the future, bound by our own self-imposed limitations. It’s time to believe in the God that believes in us.

Volume 2 of the series “Hearing God in the Storm” includes the following sermons:

  • Rejection and Resentment
  • The Storm of Self-Confidence
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Great Questions Of The Bible Volume 2

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee reminds us that the Bible is full of urgent questions. Even the disciples asked questions regarding Christ’s return. “When will the end come? What will be the sign of your returning?” You will enjoy Pastor’s vivid description of the Great Tribulation and his explanation on why we whole-heartedly support Israel and the Jewish people.

Jesus also asked the crowds that followed him questions. “Why do you worry?” Worry is not dependent upon your circumstances, but solely dependent upon you. Don’t waste your time, filling your hours with worrying about things that might never happen. Worry is interest paid on trouble before it ever happens.

Even Adam was questioned by God. “Where are you?” Sin separates man from God. Has sin separated YOU from God? You will either please God and offend the world, or offend the world and please God.

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The Awesome Power

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says your priorities have great power over your life. They determine what you do and don’t do, where you go and don’t go. Is God a priority for you? There is no shadow of turning in Him…the “if” is only in us.

Everything God uses, He anoints. Tap into the awesome power of Almighty God if you want to revolutionize your life and the lives of those around you.

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7 Laps, 7 Lessons

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says that each of us has our own personal Jericho…the event or person in our life that has kept us from receiving God’s blessing.

We focus on the event/person and the pain saturates our lives. We take another lap around the mountain. How can we conquer the past and move on into complete victory? How can we shout down the walls of our own personal Jericho, as we build a deeper relationship with our Savior?

Find out this and more in this powerful series that tells us to accept our trials as gifts from God and give HIM the victory in every circumstance!

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The Grace Of God

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee says that there is no message in God’s Word that can heal, inspire, encourage or bring unspeakable joy to your life like the message of God’s amazing grace. Grace is the unmerited favor of God. It is an ocean without a shoreline, whose depths have never been plumbed, whose life-changing waters are without limit. The mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to yield to the needs of others. On the other hand, what are six things you should never yield to? Find out why Scripture says that we are supposed to bear one another’s burdens. Our all-powerful God, in the concept of grace that yields...never writes anyone off!

This sermon series includes the following sermons: Grace that Heals, Grace that Yields.

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From Barren to Beautiful

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt reminds us that it doesn’t matter who we are, God requires us to grow and produce fruit.

Growing pains demonstrate that God is working in our lives. Focus on His written Word, speaking it into your life. Begin living it out through your actions.

The Word is alive and powerful. If we apply it to our lives, we will prosper in all things as we follow God’s lead.

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7 Decisions that Determine Your Destiny

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee says that you are the decision maker of your life. One decision at a time, you are becoming the architect of your well-crafted life. You are, today, what you decided yesterday to be. There is no such thing as indecision.

Making Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior is the greatest decision you will ever make in this lifetime. Loving one another and loving the Lord is a Bible mandate. Add to this joy that comes from above, and your life will be like heaven on earth.

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7 Decisions that Determine Your Destiny, Vol 2

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee tells us that forgiveness is the key that unlocks the doors of hatred and the handcuffs of resentment. Find out how to experience total freedom through forgiveness.

Are you ready to unleash the supernatural power of God upon your life? A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. Learn how to pray and watch God start moving in your life.

And if you’re looking to prosper in every way, even as your soul prospers…learn God’s plan on how to master your money.


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