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I Believe in Miracles

by: John Hagee

Read through Psalm 91 with Pastor Hagee as he shares his personal testimony of healing. What God has done in the past, He can and will do again…and for you. All you have to do is meet His conditions for a miracle and call upon His mighty name.

The conditions are listed in the first sermon in this series, and Pastor’s powerful testimony of supernatural healing will have you celebrating God’s goodness. Do you want what you’ve never had before? Then you need to be willing to do what you’ve never done.

Dare to believe that God can and will do something amazing in your life!

This series contains two sermons: I Believe in Miracles parts one and two

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Finding Faith in the Flood

by: Matt Hagee

You will enjoy Pastor Matt’s sermon about Noah building the ark. Can you imagine getting your entire family to join you in a boat-building project, when the world had never seen a drop of rain? But Noah did exactly this, and saved his family because he was faithful to what God asked him to do.

If you’re facing a great, unexpected trial today, know that the flood in your life might have surprised you…but it did not surprise God. Are you following God’s plan for your life, for your family? Are you remaining steadfast in your faith?

If you feel as if the world has forgotten you, know that God never forgets! Something overwhelming might be consuming your attention today, but God sees you. Faith doesn’t look at your circumstances or listen to the opinions of others; faith starts out before you know how things will turn out.

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Power Struggle

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says that inside each of us is a desire to do both right and wrong; there is temptation born of flesh. The Spirit of the Lord calls us to be more like our Savior. You must win this particular power struggle before you can successfully engage in any other kind of power struggle.

There is also a battle between the sexes, and the struggle that exists between generations. Currently there are four generations sharing the world stage because of our vast scientific knowledge.

Every struggle is brought down to selfishness and sacrifice. Will you live sacrificially or selfishly?

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Is There A Family In Your House?

by: John Hagee

What comprises a family according to Scripture? How does the Bible describe the mother and the father? What Kingdom role does each of us play inside of our family unit? How can we be a positive, honorable influence on our family members, bringing them great blessing instead of curses…for generations to come?

Learn this and so much more in Pastor Hagee’s series, “Is There a Family in Your House?”

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Promise, Problem, Provision

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee tells us that God gives us promises in His Word to cling to.

How we endure through life’s problems determines how long we stay in the problem.

Are we clinging to God and looking for answers from Him, or trying to solve things on our own?

Everything God offers us comes in a promise form. If we cling to His promises during our trials and trust in Him, He will send a provision so great we never saw it coming!

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What Difference Does It Make?

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt says that each of us is a difference maker. It’s not your function; it’s your purpose.

You are the light of the world, selected to share the light and love of our Savior. Make a difference in the lives of others so that you can lead them to Christ. Win the lost by allowing others to see the difference that Christ makes in you.

Praise Him in the good times and the bad, knowing that your attitude of gratitude can literally change the world…one soul at a time.

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Israel: God's Gateway to Blessing

by: John Hagee

Pastor Hagee says that Israel isn’t a political issue, but a Bible issue.

She was given to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by Almighty God. When you show hatred toward the Jewish people, you are sticking your finger in God’s eye. Christians were nothing before the Cross. We need Judaism to exist. The Bible tells us that salvation is of the Jews.

Find out what this means and how those who honor Israel and the Jewish people are continually blessed by God.

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The King Is Coming Back

by: Matt Hagee

Pastor Matt tells us that every Christians’ life should be full of…life. Walk through history to a day 2,000 years ago when Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time; things looked bleak. Now think of the future, when Christ will return to Jerusalem for his bride. What a day that will be!

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Earth's Last Empire

by: John Hagee

You will love Pastor Hagee’s prophetic series that tells us why Jerusalem is the epicenter of Bible prophecy and the shoreline of eternity.

What happens in and around Jerusalem in the future? What is the New World Order, and how does it affect each of us?

Walk from Genesis through Revelation and find out what God’s plans are for the just and the unjust…because judgment will come to us all.

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During this season we are reminded that we have so much to be thankful for.


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