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Here are even more stories of lives impacted by Pastor John Hagee


"I was sitting at home recovering from a back surgery in March of 2017. I could barely get in and out of a chair. My life was in simply in chaos...my marriage was over...I had lots of decisions and changes that I needed to make in my life. I needed to get my life going again and pull myself out of the darkness and depression I was in. I was scrolling through the channels on a Sunday morning, and I ran across Cornerstone Church. Pastor John Hagee was preaching a sermon. I had never been much on television evangelists. I was raised in church and had been in and out of church my whole life; but had been far away from God for a very long time. By the time he ended the sermon, I was crying uncontrollably. Every word he spoke in the message that morning I felt was written for me. Time went on; my divorce was over. I continued to listen to him on YouTube often for the next four years on and off. Finally right when COVID hit, I had decided to go to Cornerstone Church to visit; I did not even realize they were simply 45 min away from me in San Antonio. From the first day I walked into Cornerstone, I felt at home. My faith, my walk, my trust in the Lord has been restored. In February of 2022 God had convicted me of something in my life. For 20 years I had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I was prescribed Xanax medication for it, which I never liked taking from the first day. Satan had convinced me that I had to have this medication in order to function, along with alcohol. I was drinking and self-medicating. Even my doctor said I would always need this drug. I knew in my heart that I did not need this medicine or alcohol, but Satan always used the scary panic attack moments to make me believe I could not do without it. Finally, in December of 2022, I fell to my knees one day and I gave it all to God. I told him, I knew I could only get through this recovery with Him leading me and holding my hand. I had tried numerous times on my own and failed. He took my hand, and he carried me through it. The first 11 to 12 days of not taking it were terrible. I would lie in bed at night unable to sleep so instead I just prayed; sometimes literally the entire night. God would stop the panic; He was there. The panic moments would come again; I kept praying. I asked God to heal me, to hold me, to carry me through every single hour. He did! By the grace of God, I am on 3 months of being clean from this prescription drug. I am living proof that when you think there is no way out, no hope for recovery....that is not true. God is almighty; He is powerful, and He loves me. HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. I remember John Hagee's words; "There is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE with God." I held on to his words and the promises and words of God to save me. I knew in my heart this was not the life He wanted for me; a life of addiction. I have been redeemed! I praise His holy name and give all glory to Him for my recovery. Hagee Ministries took my life that was so far away from the Lord I once knew and brought me home to Him, walking in faith, trusting Him...I will forever be thankful for Pastors John Hagee and Matt Hagee, and the Cornerstone family."

~Carrie D.

"My connection with Hagee Ministries started when my brother, John, sent me a (youtube) video of Pastor John speaking on the Four Blood Moons. He said, "You have to watch this." He was familiar with Pastor Hagee, but me, not so much. From there, I bought the 4 Blood Moons book and attended the one night showing documentary at the movie theater. Unexpectedly, my 54-year-old brother, passed after that first Blood Moon in 2014. Since that time, I have become a Partner. We have travelled to Cornerstone from Massachusetts around seven times for Easter, several Feasts and the 1st Come Alive. We have been anointed twice by Pastor John, which is one of the very special moments in our lives. Also, we have two bricks in front of the media center. One being for my brother, John Sullivan. The other for William Zimbone. I know that my brother is pleased and smiling in our connection w/ Hagee Ministries. My life has been changed in having a relationship with God that has become better and better / closer and closer. God has blessed us so much in making a way to travel to Cornerstone as much as we have. I remember the first visit to Cornerstone, I broke out in tears when we saw that very large marquee near the road. We are planning to attend this year's Feast in October, again. Thank you. May God continue to bless Hagee Ministries and all involved."

~Donna S.

"I began watching Pastor in 1980 and have never looked back. His ministry and his family have greatly impacted me and Shirley and we will be eternally grateful. For 8 long years I had not seen my son. He was incarcerated in the Federal Penitentiary in Forest City Arkansas. Imagine not seeing your child for 8 years. One day he was watching Christian television while in prison and because of Hagee ministries and one other ministry he made his way back to God. Here is the miracle of the situation. He called me on February 14th and asked me,'Dad are you sitting down?' He said, 'Dad I will be home Thursday morning at 4:30am.' The tears started flowing from me and Shirley. When that bus rolled in at 4:30 and he stepped off and ran to meet his dad, the joy that filled both of us. He had only been out a week, he is already working, and has a vehicle. Here is living proof when you speak Jesus, pray, and give to God's work, miracles happen. I know, I got one."

~James S.

"I've been watching you for 23 years. I watch you and I'm blessed before I go to my own tiny Church every Sunday. This last year has been the toughest year of my life, because on March 18, 2022 my beloved Son who was 56 years old went home to be with the Lord. I have not cried as many tears in my life as I have this last year but listening to you every Sunday has helped me make it through another week. You remind me of Paul who warned the church, encourage the church, and ministered to the church. I have supported your ministry as much as I can financially as I am single and 79 years young. Keep on teaching the truth, the way, and the life of Jesus Christ unashamedly and telling it like it is. I pray for your ministry and I thank you for always bringing the Word of God and all that you do for Him."

~Cheri G.

"I would like to say Thank you but I don’t think that gives justice to how much I appreciate you for all you have done for my family. My husband Mike has been watching you on TV for years. I have always been a Christian Catholic active in church. But when my health changed. I started watching you with my husband. I love your Sunday Services the music and singing is so beautiful. Your pastors all have such beautiful souls. Did I mention your beautiful Prayers and welcoming heart. Thank you thank you for sharing our beautiful Lords Words making them truly come alive. Thank you to your beautiful family sharing you with us. May our Lord always keep you in the Palm of His hand."

~Carolina G., Covina, CA

"I first heard of Pastor Hagee when I was going through a horrible divorce…I had 6 kids and one has Down Syndrome. I had never worked because I stayed home and raised my children. I didn’t even know how to pump gas or fix anything because my ex didn’t want me to. When I got the courage to step out in my faith, I did! I grew up with Christian parents. My dad was a preacher, but I wasn’t the greatest kid. I got pregnant at 15 and left to be with my baby's father. We married a few years later and had 5 more kids. We were together 25 yrs. I was so beaten down when I left him and had to raise my kids…my ex always worked and supported us so I was lost…he even shut my tv off when I got a lawyer. By the grace of God, Pastor Hagee was on all the time and I started watching him. If the Lord didn’t work through his sermons I would have been dead! I couldn’t take anymore harassment from my ex. Pastor Hagee kept preaching sermons that were totally what I needed to hear to get me through every single day!!!!! I slowly got stronger and started looking to God. I felt every sermon was meant only for me! The Lord used Pastor Hagee as a lifeline for me…I still watch John & Matt Hagee…they are my pastors and I’m proud to say I love them and your church❤️❤️❤️ "

~Rachel H.

"Most people know me as Dr Pauli’s wife or Paisley Pauli’s mom or Miss Vicki from Wee Worship. What a lot of people don’t know is I am a transplanted Wisconsin girl who grew up in Kenosha. My first experience with Pastor Hagee was when he came to our church as an evangelist at 33 years old. I was 10 years old and we never missed a church service. There was a snow storm in April and he thought no one would show up. He can actually tell the story better than me. All I remember is that this dynamic man spoke like I had never heard before. My mom said the more he preached the faster I would chew my gum. She finally made me spit it out. When I first started attending The Church of Castle Hills in 1984 l didn’t remember this as it had been 13 years since that first encounter. When my mom and dad came to visit they reminded me who he was and one night I mentioned it to him and since then we have had so many funny conversations about that snowy revival and how many people showed up to see him in spite of the snow. Up until the day my mom moved to heaven she said Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Matthew were here pastors and she knew that all her prayers when I was growing up for my future husband and Gods destiny for my life… led me 40 years ago to this place for such a time as this. If I were to list all the prayers that have been answered in our family through this ministry it would take a book 700 pages long to list… but it is recorded in heaven and will be eternally remembered! I love you and thank you for 65 years of anointed ministry that is affecting not just us but our daughter and many generations to come as the Lord tarries!"

~Vicki P., San Antonio, TX

"We have been watching Pastor Hagee on TV for almost 40 years. He is always enlightening. One evening while watching, our young son of about 8 years old was playing. We had no idea if he was paying attention. As Pastor Hagee gave the invitation at the end of his message, our son told me "I want to do what Pastor Hagee said." We couldn’t believe our ears. He was actually listening. He repeated after Pastor Hagee. Although our son waited until 14 to make a public confession of faith at our church, I do believe he was sincere at 8. I say all this to say…never doubt that young ones could really be listening; And to thank you, Pastor Hagee. Our son is an adult now and a dedicated Christian. He still listens to you. Bless you for your dedication and service to the Lord."

~Elaine C.

"Pastor Hagee is a great preacher, I have learned a lot about the bible through your ministry. I have been studying the bible and praying for many years of my life. I have felt Gods presence in my life through difficult times, trials and sufferings. I hope to continue to stay close to the Lord and I will keep enjoying your teachings in your ministry. God bless you all!"

~Roshenna M.

"I was always brought up in Church, but never followed Jesus like I should have. My Mother watched your programs, and when she suffered a stroke in 2019, along with other health issues, sitting with her, we would watch them together. Pastor Hagee sermons touched me in so many ways. I have learned so much from him. Durning the rough times, Pastor taught me how to pray and I got through my mothers hospice care, working long hours and taking care of my Mother along with my family. It was only by his grace that I was able to do that. Jesus answered my prayers and gave me the strength for the hardship of seeing my mother pass. I have since joined your Church a year later, and enjoy fellowshiping with Cornerstone whenever it's on. I'm praying that Jesus would provide a way for me to go to Israel with Cornerstone and be baptized over there. Thank you so much for your wisdom and providing a gospel that I understand and can relate to."

~Cindy T. from PA.

"There is so much I could share about Pastor John's teaching and preaching that has impacted my life. One thing that I will always be grateful for is his teaching on Israel... Pastor John Hagee was the first pastor I had ever heard teach on the importance of Israel and the Jewish people as it related to Christianity. Before coming to Cornerstone no real emphasis on Isreal or the Jewish People was imprinted on my heart. Pastor John's teaching on this subject opened my eyes to a whole new revelation of my salvation as it related to Messiah. I remember my first offering was to Exodus 2. I was so excited about the opportunity to give. I then started attending and volunteering for the NTHI. I later began to learn how CUFI was making a difference in the political landscape of things and began supporting that. I learn every gift given to God, He multiples it back, in many ways. I share this testimony to give God glory for opening up my eyes of understanding in an area I was blind in. Pastor John you have taught me to love Israel and the Jewish people not only in words but in giving as well. It is a Bible principle to give. My life has been truly blessed. God bless you and I join the thousands upon thousands in celebrating your 65 years of ministry to the Kingdom of God."

~Frances M.

"I thank God, and I thank God for you John Hagee. God used you and your son in a mighty and powerful way to help bring me back to my walk with Christ. Truly I can't thank you enough. I listen to you each and every single day. Thank you again so very much."

~Jonathan M.

"I grew up watching Pastor Hagee in our living room in Arlington, Texas. I remember hearing the "Don't turn that dial" on our television as I lay on the floor while listening to the sermon about the burning bush that Moses came across. "Not George Bush, just a bush" as Pastor described it. Later in life, after joining the military, I would use Cornerstone as a relationship test for prospective husbands. If they listened to Pastor Hagee because of me, they were a no-go. One day, I met a man who I introduced to Cornerstone. He would watch Pastor preach all the way across the continent from where I was stationed. I was in North Dakota while he was in Alabama. He didn't listen because of me, but because his faith was rekindled from one of Pastor's sermons. That man is now my husband. We are currently saving up money to travel to San Antonio since we now reside in Georgia. While I have been to Cornerstone twice in my life, he has never been and I can't wait for him to see it and hopefully shake both Pastor Hagee and Pastor Matt's hand."

~Melissa P.

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March 2023 marks 65 years of ministry for Pastor Hagee. Bringing the Word of God to millions is the absolute joy of his life and a daily fulfillment of his calling. He could not have accomplished this mission without you! Your prayers, partnership, and financial support make spreading the Word of God a possibility. In honor of Pastor Hagee’s momentous milestone, would you consider contributing to a lasting legacy?

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65th Anniversary Commemorative Legacy Partner Package

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