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God's Prophetic Clock

John Hagee

As I walked in the doors of Westminster Chapel in London, England, where I would be hosting the Hagee Ministries Rally over the June 19th weekend, I was incredibly humbled for many reasons.

First of all, the previous year I was scheduled to come to London, and my son, Pastor Matthew, had to take my place at the last minute. I was diagnosed with a disease that had attacked my immune system and needed immediate medical attention. The treatment was grueling and the effects were unpleasant to say the least, but I thank God that today I am healthier than I have ever been and running the race harder and faster than ever before.

In this moment, I was simply standing in Westminster Chapel by the grace of Almighty God. There was no other way to put it. The Master had laid His hands upon my life and healed me. During my illness, my speech was affected and my words became slurred. I sounded as if I was suffering stroke-like symptoms. My speech patterns were so belabored, that what normally took me a few moments to say took me five times as long to get the words out of my mouth. Without this divine touch from God, without the ability to speak, my life as a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would have been over. It’s just that simple.

I was standing in a Chapel where Gospel giants had preached before me like one of my personal favorites, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I thought the intensity of that moment was magnificent, something I wanted to capture as a fond memory…but it was nothing compared to when the building was filled with those who had come to hear the Gospel, hungering and thirsting for the uncompromised Word of God. What a true honor and a great privilege to share a prophetic message with an audience who rose to their feet the moment I walked in. From that first second we were doing what I love most, praising the King of kings and Lord of lords. “Give Him praise and glory in the house of God tonight!”

If you’ve followed my ministry for any length of time, you know that I have a deep love for Israel and the Jewish people. On this very special night in London, I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together for those in attendance. God has a prophetic time clock that is ticking loudly. Are we listening? Are we paying attention to what He is trying to tell us?

Every nation that has honored the Jewish people has prospered. And yet, throughout history, those who have turned their backs on Israel have been ground into fine dust. They are no longer in existence. The Bible tells us very clearly in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you…”

Israel is the apple of God’s eye. It was divinely put on the map, and became a nation in 1940. No matter what men might say, the land belongs to the Jewish people. With God, there is no debating this fact. Sadly, America (along with some of the nations of the world), have turned their backs on Israel in their greatest hour of need. For this, and so many other reasons, my country is begging for God’s Judgment. Will the righteous be saved? Of course! But as a nation, we have turned from God.

As I talked to those assembled in Westminster Chapel from all parts of London, and the corners of the world (Africa, Japan, Singapore and beyond)…I challenged them to stand up for the truth of the Gospel, to be a strong supporter of the Bible mandate that says we are to bless the Jewish people. For we cannot break the laws and covenants of the Bible and ask for God to continue blessing us. This would make God a liar, and that we know is simply not true. As the service ended, we prayed together and there was such a sweet spirit in that place as God moved over the crowd, touching lives and restoring them anew.

The evening was spectacular by any means, simply off the charts…and I thank God that His message was received loud and clear with great enthusiasm. But as wonderful as the evening was, it was just the precursor for what was to come the following afternoon.

When you have felt the presence of the Lord, you know there is nothing that even comes close, no substitute. As I have said many times from the pulpit… “There is no high like the Most High!” It simply takes your breath away as the Holy Spirit invades your heart and life…giving you complete understanding of what it means to be a child of God. Nothing compares to that moment when your soul is quenched by Living Water.

This is how it was at Westminster Chapel on the afternoon of June 20th. The Spirit of the Living God so saturated the building that no one left. No one wanted the service to end. The third balcony had been blessed after a short teaching on the “Power to Heal” and those in attendance went back to their seats asking, “Is there more? Can we stay and praise a little longer?”

As I climbed the staircase to the stage once again, I reminded the crowd of more than 2,000 people of the victory shout that brought down the walls of Jericho. They were so on fire for the Lord that they needed little encouragement. For the next several, long moments we stood there as one body in unison giving a shout of total victory to God for the great things to come in our lives. We had come in from near and far, from various walks of life, from different backgrounds, carrying different burdens…but we left as one. We left as a group of people completely sold out to a Savior who loved us so much that He died in our place that we might be redeemed, that we might live in Heaven with Him for all of eternity.

Thank you, Lord, for your anointing. Thank you for setting the captives free! Thank you for your healing power! Thank you for lives that were made whole! Thank you that your Word never returns void.

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