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Saving the World One Child at a Time

John Hagee

One of the many jobs I held as a young man was that of a boy’s coach in a children’s home. I was privileged during my time there to see life through the eyes of an orphan. There were many days that I would walk in and hear them chatting amongst themselves… “This week, my mom’s going to come get me. My dad is coming finally…and he’s going to be driving a big, new car.” The day would come, and no one came. Not even for a visit. Week after week this happened and then it donned on them. “No one’s coming for me; I’m by myself. I’m completely alone.” It was spectacularly heartbreaking in every sense of the word. These little guys had absolutely no one but the friends they had made within the walls of the orphanage…and they were precious few.

These little guys were completely starved for affection, and they would attack me from every corner when I walked into the room. Even the smallest things meant the world to them, so I was sure to let them know how very special they each were. I did my best to make them feel loved…and it was a daunting task, knowing that the dearest on earth had completely left them behind. It was a bittersweet opportunity to work with them day in and day out, trying to build self-esteem in lives that had been ruthlessly torn apart through no fault of their own.

Sanctuary of Hope is an oasis of hope for children that are seeking spiritual guidance and opportunity. It is a comprehensive, long-term concept to save the youth of our city and America.

It was within the walls of this orphanage that the idea for Sanctuary of Hope was born, and it has remained a lifelong desire of mine. When I was younger, I faced much opposition and was unable to complete a project of this magnitude. But I am older now, and am ready to press forward with a mission that I believe God has given me to fulfill. I understand that I may not live to see the completion of this monumental task, but I will work diligently to make sure that the Sanctuary of Hope helps as many children as possible.

I know there is an ocean of need. But it is wrong to see a need and not try to meet it to the best of our ability. While we can’t help all of them, with God’s help, we can help some of them. And because we can, we should. And because this is the commission of God, we are going to move forward and run this race as long and as hard as the Lord permits. I might have some grey in my hair now, but I’m not slowing down just yet. I know that this is an enormous need in our society, and it is my prayer that other cities and states will see the Sanctuary of Hope and emulate it within their own communities. Our children deserve to be loved! The cycle of abuse must stop! We must teach our children to place their hope in God for a brighter tomorrow.

The Sanctuary of Hope is exactly that…an oasis of hope. It is a place of empowerment for young ladies who have gone through abusive or difficult situations and need a safe place to live and raise their child in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The Sanctuary of Hope will give these young mothers the opportunity to raise their baby or adopt them out to Christian families. And this will be a safe haven, a home for them to come back to for years to come.

Jesus Christ said He came so that we might have LIFE, and have it more abundantly. And that is what the Sanctuary of Hope is all about…abundant LIFE through Christ Jesus our Lord.

You may have heard me talk about a call I received regarding a thirteen-year-old girl who was raped by a neighbor and became pregnant. Her options were few; her future was not looking very bright. These are exactly the kinds of young ladies we will be ministering to at the Sanctuary of Hope.

There are so many facets to this project. These young ladies will be educated at Cornerstone Christian Schools. If they decide to keep their babies, the children will also be educated at CCS…and the cycle of abuse will end right there. To God be the glory!

We cannot simply talk about what is wrong with this world without offering godly alternatives. What Satan means for evil, what he uses to destroy the lives of our young people…poverty, lack, rape, molestation…we want to pray against these cycles. We want to empower, to education, to raise up a generation of God-fearing warriors who would truly have nowhere else to turn.

We truly cannot do this without your prayer and financial assistance. This is a wonderful project that will truly make a Kingdom difference every single day that the doors are open. In Matthew 9:37, Jesus tells his disciples that, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” We live in a time where the world around us is in a moral free fall. It is no longer an option to sit silently back and hope things change for the better.

When I get to heaven, God isn’t going to thank me for the wonderful idea of Sanctuary of Hope. He is going to thank those who paved the way, those who selflessly gave to make a dream become a reality. Please join me in prayer, and donate if you can. I know this project is going to be an absolute game changer! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

Love Begins at Home

Diana Hagee