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Love Without Limit

Kendal Hagee

Every year you see so many people doing what they can to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Reservations are made, flowers and chocolate, hand written letters, and other thoughtful expressions that are meant to tell someone, “I love you”. Sometimes I wonder if the extra effort that goes into this time of year is an attempt to make up for the days we forget to express how deeply we cherish those that are dear to us?

Life can happen so fast and at times it seems like all of your effort is needed just to keep up. During these hectic seasons it’s easy to make the excuse, “they know how I feel.” But what if they don’t? What if a small expression of love was just the right amount of encouragement that you’re special someone needed right at that moment? Life would be so much easier if someone could write down on the schedule, “encourage your spouse at 10 o’clock, they’re going to need it.” But that’s not how life works. Only God in His sovereignty can see our tomorrows, and He is always watching to how we live today. That’s why for all of the characteristics that Love demonstrates in 1 Corinthians 13, we read “Love never fails”.

No matter when it’s expressed. Regardless of the reason or the season, when you show people that you love them with the perfect love of Christ, it always works.

I want to challenge you to live a life of Love without limit. Celebrate “your valentine” every day, and be thankful for the love that you receive in return.

It was the Love of God that changed the world, with the gift of His only son. It was the love of Christ our savior that laid His life down for us. It is that kind of pure and sacrificial love that you can share with others and change the world for the glory of God, when you love without limit.

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God Is Love

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