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7 Laps, 7 Lessons

Matt Hagee

Joshua and the children of Israel have seen the waters of the Jordan part. They’ve been invited into the Promised Land. The covenant that God made with Abraham of a land flowing with milk and honey is right before their very eyes. And yet, there stands Jericho. High and mighty are the walls, looming defiantly in their pathway.

Jericho is not a problem that comes out to attack you. Jericho is a problem that shuts itself up inside of you and dares you to try and move forward. Jericho is something that Joshua and the children of Israel don’t want to face. The wilderness of sin and frustration is behind them, but God has made it clear… you cannot leave any inhabitants in this land.

Why not just walk around Jericho? Why not just leave it alone?

Numbers 33:52 says, “…then you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, destroy all their engraved stones, destroy all their molded images, and demolish all their high places.”

This is God’s command. Have you ever noticed in your life how the problems you don’t deal with become thorns in your flesh? They keep you from seeing God’s goodness, because you aren’t willing to address them. They impede your progress and keep you from living a rich, full life.

Joshua knew that he had to deal with Jericho. God told Joshua to take some laps. And Joshua learned new things with every lap that he took.

Every single one of us has a Jericho in our own lives. We all have a stubborn situation. Maybe this situation is personal, physical, financial or emotional. Over time this frustration builds up a wall of defense. These walls become so high and so strong that it seems absolutely pointless for us to try and tear them down.

I want you to know that the walls in your life that are keeping you from enjoying God’s promises may be higher and mightier than you…but they are not higher or mightier than God. He is the God that has sworn to stand by you in any battle, and He will not forsake you now.

The Jericho that you see standing before you, the wall that is impeding your progress and holding you back, is no match for your Creator. You may have to take some time and walk around the problem for a few days while God teaches you what He wants you to learn. But when the day comes that God says, “SHOUT!” with a mighty shout of praise and a voice of triumph, the walls and the barriers in your life will crumble.

Look at your Jericho as a gift. This thing that is standing in your way, that is impeding your progress, is going to catapult you into an amazing blessing straight from heaven itself if you will only be still. Listen to the voice of God. What is He telling you to do while you are staring at the wall looming ominously before you? Stop looking for earthly resources. God is your supply.

God does everything in His own timing. When the time comes, begin to shout His praises from the rooftops. Thank Him for the good and the bad. Bless His holy name! And watch as the walls that have been holding you back come crashing down, in Jesus’ mighty name!

I Still Believe

I Still Believe

Matt Hagee


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