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2017 A Year Of Great Blessing

John Hagee

2017 has been an overwhelming year of tremendous blessing. It truly has been a year of the double jubilee.

God continues to bless our efforts exceedingly and abundantly above anything that we can ask, think or imagine!

I look forward to taking some time this year to celebrate the great things God has done, the opportunities He has given us as a church, the ministries He has built through Cornerstone, and most importantly, the souls that have been forever changed by the power of the Gospel.

In March 2018, I will be celebrating 60 years in ministry. I am humbled at all that God has allowed me to be a part of. But even after six decades, I can tell you that serving the Lord grows sweeter as every day goes by.

In 60 years, I have laughed and cried, celebrated and mourned, married and buried, prayed for and seen miracles come to pass as a result of God’s unlimited power and unconditional love for His people.

When I left for Bible school at the age of 17, my father handed me $50 and told me not to look back. There was nothing more to come home for, no more money or resources to share. That was it; I was at a make it or break it moment.

I followed my father’s advice and have not looked back. I worked multiple jobs, spent many nights sleeping in my car, preaching on the road while attending college and doing whatever the Lord led me to do. Nothing would have prepared this young country boy from Goose Creek, Texas, for the things God has done through this ministry over the last 60 years.

Many people meet me as a “seasoned” preacher and think the road to sharing the Gospel has been easy. It was not. I was blessed to build our first church with my own hands…with the help of many faithful men and women in our church who were skilled, and some not so skilled. But they were all willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Each week we did as much as we could to build the sanctuary with whatever funds came in that Sunday’s offering. We lived by faith, week to week, knowing and believing that God would provide.

I am thrilled to tell you that 60 years later, God is still in the business of guiding and providing. When you put your trust in Him…He leads you down the path of righteousness for His namesake and gives you the provision needed to fulfill His vision and purpose for your life.

I have built several churches with different groups of people, and I am always thankful that God provides every necessary resource. I am thankful that when God gives me a vision of what His people need, He always helps us meet  that need.

I want to tell you something. If you think that an area of your life looks bleak, that your dreams seem impossible—GUESS AGAIN! We serve a God without limits! This thing I know: God is faithful! He is a loving Father who will never forsake His children.

When you feel completely alone, all you have to do is reach out to Him.

Faith is reaching out in the darkness and knowing the hand of Almighty God will reach back. He is your great Hope in the middle of your darkest midnight; He can and will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Even when the storms are raging and the dearest person on earth has betrayed you, your sweet songs of praise can lift you to the throne of the Father in seconds. He is listening. He is always listening. Our Creator delights in your well-being. He loves you more deeply than you could ever imagine.

As we close out this year, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you for the sacrifices that have made for this ministry. Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for your prayers and for the difference that you are making in homes, businesses, and communities all around the world. Thank you for standing with us and making it possible to PROCLAIM CHRIST TO THE NATIONS!

In reality, this celebration of 60 years in ministry is a celebration of YOU. It is a celebration of unity as we thank God for the many ways He has used us together to bless the world around us, transforming one solitary life at a time for eternity.

As we finish 2017 and look forward with expectancy to the new year, let’s continuing to be salt and light to our lost world. Let’s remain faithful to our families, communities and churches. Let’s remain faithful, like never before, to pray for our nation and its leaders and to keep reading God’s Word and standing on His promises. His Word is His love letter to us, and it is where we find our strength and purpose.

With 60 years of ministry behind us, I still believe that our best days are ahead. And although our world is filled with chaos and confusion, we know that Jesus is the only answer to whatever comes against us.

In celebration of God’s blessings and provision during the past 60 years, I want to extend to you a SPECIAL INVITATION to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

As you know, the Sanctuary of Hope will take in young, expectant mothers and save the lives of their unborn children. Many have asked how you can share in celebrating our historic 60th anniversary. For me, the best way you can do this is by helping to save the lives of unborn babies and give hope to young mothers for generations to come. Please take a few minutes to learn more about how you can be a part of this life changing project by visiting

I praise the Lord for every remembrance of you. I am so grateful that God has knitted our hearts and lives together to accomplish His purpose here on earth. Thank you for your faithfulness! It is my prayer that the Lord will bless you abundantly and give you the divine strength and wisdom needed to change lives, impact communities and transform nations with the Gospel until the day of His Son’s return.

The Battle Between Us and Them

The Battle Between Us and Them

Matt Hagee



John Hagee