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All the Families of the Earth Shall be Blessed

Matt Hagee

Fall is upon us, and for many school is back in full swing and the memories of summer are quickly fading. This summer Kendal and I recently took our three oldest children on a tour of Israel with the objective to plan a family-centered trip for the future that will include activities for all ages and available for anyone who wishes to bring their families to the Holy Land.

We rode camels, went white river rafting, walked the cobblestone streets eating falafel and met with members of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to hear about their training and commitment to the security of their nation.

Our children read Scripture out loud, passages that described the places and stories from the Bible that they were now personally witnessing firsthand. It was amazing to watch the words of the Bible become a 3-D reality through their eyes and in their hearts.

Walking where Jesus walked, Reading the precious words of the Scripture and Sharing it with my children is a Memory that I will never forget.

As my family and I walked through the open air markets and around the winding walkways, I was able to watch the stories of the Bible unfold in a brand new way for my children. THIS is Peter’s house. THIS is the Sea of Galilee where Jesus told His disciples to cast their nets upon the water. Life through the eyes of a child is an amazing and beautiful thing!

For a place that is surrounded by its enemies, you can absolutely feel the presence of Almighty God. I want you to get these teachings that we taped on the highways and byways of Israel and look up the stories in your own Bible. Share them with your neighbors. Teach them to your children and grandchildren. The Word of God never returns void. Israel is spectacular! It truly is a miraculous place filled with peace and rich heritage.

From the very beginning of God’s Word, He tells us, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3). Throughout history there has never been a nation who prospered by mistreating Israel. Even if you are unable to visit the land of Israel, you can still support her. As we come to the mid-term elections, I want to encourage you to research the candidates. What do they stand for? Are their beliefs aligned with God’s Word? Do they support Israel and the Jewish people?

Make your voice be heard! Your vote is invaluable!

Now is the time to take a stand for all that is right and true and Godly. Now is the time, like never before, to support those that hold true the values of our founding fathers and the principles found in God’s Holy Word. Your support of Hagee Ministries is making it possible for us to proclaim that truth to million all across our nation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do to make a difference in our world.

Your prayers, your calls, your gifts... We simply could not run the race that we are running as fast and as hard without you. YOU are taking the Gospel to all the world and to every generation.

When you support Hagee Ministries you are supporting a number of great causes throughout the United States, Israel and other countries around the globe. For example, in Israel we have purchased several ambulances and provided funds for extensive medical care to those in need. We have built bomb shelters for local orphanages We are blessed to know that these children are safe because of the gifts you are sending in.

We have worked diligently with teams all over this globe to bring Jews back to Israel, their true home. Many of them have been persecuted, and some of these are children that their governments want to dispose of simply because they are Jews. These precious children are embraced and cared for when they reach our orphanage facilities in Israel... and they are taught the sacred Scripture.

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