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There is an Urgency in our World that has Never Existed Before

John Hagee

For the majority of my adult life, I have devoted countless hours to studying the entirety of God’s Word and especially passages having to do with Israel and prophecy. These are two topics that affect every single person on planet earth from the moment they are born.

As children of Jehovah God, there will never be a time when we will not exist. Our last breath on this earth is our first breath in heaven, where we will live for all of eternity worshiping and praising our Savior.

What does the Bible tell us about the end-times?

What can we expect if we are still here at the time of the rapture?

What happens after the rapture? I sense that there is an urgency in our world climate today that has never existed before. We are surrounded by teachings and influences that are driven straight from the bowels of hell and delivered throughout our communities and directly into our homes.

Our children are being forced to accept a doctrine that blinds them from the truth. This is a worldly doctrine that declares that there is no right and wrong, no true north, and certainly no one true God. This doctrine will condemn their soul for all of eternity in the name of tolerance and equality. The atmosphere of political correctness is pervasive and our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated into blindly accepting this “doctrine of deception” as truth.

Let me be clear, you can love someone and share God’s plan of salvation with them and still not accept the choices they make or the lifestyle they lead. We are commanded to love one another, but we are not to condone sinful activity.

I talk more about this in my latest all-inclusive book regarding Bible prophecy entitled, “Earth’s Last Empire.” This book covers everything from Genesis to Revelation with some new insights that you will want to know. 

We need to unite together as Believers to shed the light of the Gospel in dark places. We must be committed like never before to push forward with a deep passion for sharing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ with the world because if we do not, our children will be lost forever. Let me say it plainly... We are not fighting for the minds and hearts of our children. We are fighting for their eternity!

Our world is laminated in divisive hatred and vicious intolerance that rears its ugly head behind many deceitful masks. One type of hatred that is very prevalent around the globe is the hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. The Bible commands us to love the Jewish people. In fact, when it comes to how we should respond to Israel the Bible is very clear. Genesis 12:3 God says, “And I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and I will curse him who curses you...”

Earlier, I mentioned my new book, “Earth’s Last Empire.” Let me share with you some brief excerpts and explain just a little bit about the significance of Jerusalem. Everything in the Bible is built around Jerusalem as the center focal point.

Jerusalem is the only place on earth that is called the city of God. Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister to the United Kingdom under Queen Victoria, once said, “The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world—it is more, it is the history of earth and of heaven.”

My personal encounter with Jerusalem began as an affair of the heart—this city of God connected heaven and earth within my soul...

From the moment I first walked the ancient cobblestone streets of that Holy City, I sensed a divine presence there — a type of supernatural peace known nowhere else. I have traveled the world but only Jerusalem has felt like home. Jerusalem is the city that holds my heart.

Anti-Semitism is very much alive and thriving. As I have told my children and now my grandchildren...KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. And that is why I wrote “Earth’s Last Empire.” I spent countless hours of research and study to compile the information and truths that I share in this book. Here is another excerpt from “Earth’s Last Empire.”

While Americans do not typically think of the United States as an empire, the idea of an “empire of liberty” goes back to Thomas Jefferson. And while it was hardly a global power at its birth, the United States grew in influence to become the dominant world power after World War II, and the only truly global power after the Soviet Union broke apart in 1991. Thus, any analysis of empires past, present, and future has to come to terms with the American story.

Leadership in the United States runs along two tracks—moral leadership that is based on the founding principles of the American republic, and political leadership that is situated in a constitutional system and alternately empowered or constrained by a cycle of partisan eras.

American television, newspapers, and social media outlets parade headlines screaming about the Russian hijacking of the U.S. Presidential election. As this book goes to print, hard evidence reveals that the FBI, the Obama Department of Justice and the Clinton Campaign “colluded” against President Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign—who the players are—only God knows!

As further truths are exposed, America appears to have a shadow government within our democratically elected government committed to bringing down the Trump Administration. By any other definition—this is an act of treason. If this is the case, we owe an apology to President Richard Nixon whose Watergate scandal pales in comparison.

It is clear from Scripture that Russia is a major player in end-times prophecy, and many pieces of prophecy are falling into place before our very eyes. It will not be long before the trumpet sounds and those who are alive and remain will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. What a day that will be! In the meantime, Matthew 24:6 tells us, “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”

A major war in the Middle East is coming soon, and it will be massive. Israel will not have time, as in the past, to warn Palestinians that are caught in the cross hairs because the terrorists are using civilian locations to launch their rockets towards Jerusalem. There will be no time to win the global media war. There will be no time to fight the fake news. For their survival, Israel must respond instantly either by immediate retaliation or by using the “first strike option” just as Moshe Dayan found it necessary to do at the start of the Six Day War.

Israeli intelligence officials have reported that weapons are hidden in mosques, schoolyards and civilian houses, and Hamas’s leadership war room is in a bunker beneath Gaza’s largest hospital. As in previous wars, Hezbollah and Hamas will hide behind terrified women and children as they launch rockets from their homes.

If Israel does not respond swiftly and fiercely, they will suffer massive loss of life. Yet, if they do respond aggressively, the global “blame Israel first” media will condemn the Israelis for bombing houses from which the rockets are being launched toward Israel.

The players are in place and this coming war will be the birth pangs of the Gog-Magog Wars as foretold by God to the prophet Ezekiel.

As children of the Living God, we must prepare for what is ahead in our future. This book gives you world history, Scripture references, quotes from world leaders and notes on how the days ahead of us are going to roll out. I have put the puzzle pieces together so that you don’t look at me one day in heaven and say, “Preacher, if you would have only made it a little clearer...”

Jesus is coming soon. In the twinkling of an eye we will be gone. Are you ready? I look forward to His coming and celebrating that grand occasion with you!

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