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Pastor's Pen "I Spy"

Matt Hagee

This Sunday, we will conclude the sermon series, “Child’s Play” with the final sermon, “I Spy.” In this series, we have considered how the games we played as children have application in our spiritual lives. Sermon one, “Follow the Leader,” is the basis of all that Christ asks us to do as His disciples. We are asked to follow Him, follow His Word, follow His Spirit, follow His plan to discover a life greater than we can imagine. Sermon two, “Hide and Go Seek,” Jesus told us to This message was His invitation to take us outside of our comfort zone and pursue Him through prayer so that His promises can become ours.

In this final message, we are going to discuss the power of perspective. As you know, the game “I Spy” is played when one person is describing what they see to another, and the individual they are playing with attempts to guess what it is. The first question that we must ask ourselves is, “Who are we playing with?” If the individuals in your life who are providing you with perspective do not have proper knowledge, wisdom, or faith, they are always going to see things the wrong way…and so will you.

When we choose to allow the Word of God and His Spirit to provide us with perspective, then what others may see as a tragedy, He may see as an opportunity for growth. What others describe as terrible, He may see as an absolute triumph. What others do not know, cannot do and are afraid to try, God has already conquered…and He wants you to see it from His perspective.

I am looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday as we conclude this sermon series, “Child’s Play”.


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Saints: Becoming More Than Christians