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Pastor's Pen "The Miracle Meal"

John Hagee

This Sunday morning is Communion Sunday and I will be speaking on the topic, "The Miracle Meal."

While most know what communion is, few comprehend the rich spiritual significance of the Holy Communion and its miracle-working power. This power, combined with the purpose of the Holy Communion, can change your life forever…bringing health, healing and supernatural power to achieve the impossible dream.

We will walk through Scripture and examine the people who changed the course of history by what they ate or refused to eat.

The word communion breaks up easily into the word union with a prefix of comm-, meaning with. Therefore, the essence of the word communion means "union with." We will talk about having a union with Christ that goes beyond the Holy Communion.

I'll see you Sunday at Cornerstone. 


P.S. I invite you to join us this weekend. 

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Saints: Becoming More Than Christians

Saints: Becoming More Than Christians