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Believe to Receive!

John Hagee

This verse bears repeating. The secret to effective prayer is determining God’s will according to the Word of God, claiming His promises, and holding on to hope in Him.

That’s why praying Scriptures over your needs and desires is so important. We know He hears us because we pray according to His will, therefore we know we have that which we asked of Him. We can bank on that – God has given us His Word.

A pastor once instructed his congregation not to come forward to be prayed for, but to come forward to receive. What a difference!

It has been said that, at various times, God offers three answers to prayer: yes, no and wait. What about the wait? This is the time we must stand on our faith in God’s Word. Jesus told His disciple, Thomas, “BECAUSE YOU HAVE SEEN ME, YOU HAVE BELIEVED. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN AND YET HAVE BELIEVED.” (JOHN 20:29)

Communicating with God does not mean that you do all the talking. You need to listen to the voice of God and pay attention to what He is telling you. You need to expect results, because He is the God who cannot fail. Our God can make a way where there seems to be no way.


God can heal your marriage no matter how bad it is. He ordained marriage and desires that we be successful in it.

God can break the yoke of drug addiction in you or in your children.

God can supernaturally transform your finances. He can bless you beyond what you can contain.

God wants to make you the head and not the tail. He can increase your territory and plant you by rivers of living waters. You can obtain all that you need, regardless of what it is, simply by praying.

When situations arise that you cannot bear, especially when the devil is tormenting you in one way or another, you need to attack the devil with prayer. You need to stand up, put on the whole armor of God and ATTACK! Drive the evil one out of your life!

Is your child tormented? Are you fighting a deadly disease? You need to attack with prayer!

Are you struggling in your marriage? Is your business failing? Be strong and attack in prayer!

When Joshua prayed, the sun was arrested in its course by the hand of God and Joshua crushed the enemies of Israel! (Joshua 10)

When Elijah prayed, fire of the LORD fell from heaven and consumed his sacrifice that had been soaked in twelve barrels of water! (1 Kings 18)

When one hundred twenty people were in the Upper Room praying, divided tongues of fire sat upon each of them and they spoke in other tongues! (Acts 2)

Pray and believe to receive!

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