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History Made, and Celebrated, in San Antonio


In an unprecedented event, hundreds from San Antonio’s Jewish community, joined by Jewish leaders from throughout the US and Israel, celebrated and expressed appreciation for the past four decades of Pastor John and Diana Hagee’s ardent support for the state of Israel.

Arguably, this is the first time any Jewish community came together to express true respect and appreciation for a Christian leader. This was not just a once-in-a-generation event, it’s the first in any generation.

Congregation Rodfei Sholom was transformed into the most magnificent ballroom, equal to those of top hotels in New York or Los Angeles, which host magnificent events regularly. Catering a kosher meal of this caliber for some 500 people in a community far from the major hubs of Jewish life in America is also no simple feat, but was spectacular. The gourmet food was served in Texas sized portions and complemented by fine Israeli wines, setting a special atmosphere.

The event was historic for another reason. Pastor John and Diana Hagee have dedicated most of their lives to make support for Israel central for themselves, their ministry, and establishing that as a pillar of what it means to be a Christian. There are many ministries that are pro-Israel and lend their support and raise money for Israel. Some have been in existence for decades longer than that of Hagee Ministries’. However, Hagee Ministries is unique in its raising and disbursing over $100 million to various Israeli causes.

In addition, the Hagees made recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as a centerpiece of its mission and were recognized for doing so, perhaps more than any other Christian leaders in the world. Pastor Hagee was recognized for this contribution by being asked to give a benediction at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem in 2018.

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