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Relax – God is in Charge // (Psalm 37 )

John Hagee


Anxiety and asprin fill our stress-controlled lives. Psalms 37 tells us to relax! God is in charge. We are commanded to fret not but to trust the Lord, delight in Him, and commit ourselves to Him. How simple. Our worry and anxiety should vanish. Unfortunately, worry kills more people than hard work.

Worry is interest paid on trouble before it happens.

Sometimes we worry about injustices over which we have no control. David tells us not to fret and not to be envious of the workers of iniquity (v. 1). We get aggravated when evil people seem to prosper. We may even become angry at drug pushers, crooked politicians, and the powerful who laugh at the law – while we get parking tickets. God says when we see the wicked prosper, we should pity them. They are like grass and will be cut down (v. 2). Why worry about the ungodly who have no future? We must remember that the meek will inherit the earth (v. 11; Matt. 5:5).


“Trust in the Lord” (v. 3) is the next instruction. Things we trust will be tested severely. We trust in wealth, and then recession comes. We trust in friends, and then they become as Judas. We trust in our health, and then our doctor says “cancer.” Things and circumstances change, but God never changes.


Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart (v. 4).

To delight means to encourage ourselves in the Lord. David found encouragement by reviewing the victories God had given him. That’s what we need to do. Remember a time when God gave us a miracle, then praise Him for that and ask Him to do it again. When God sees us giving praise at a dark moment, He says to the angels, “Look at that one. She’s praising Me even though her doctor told her about the cancer. That man just lost his job, and yet he is praising Me. Hurry, angels, take healing and comfort to those and pour out blessings they cannot contain.”


The final step is to Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him And He shall bring it to pass(v. 5).

If we are carrying a heavy burden, it is because we have not asked God to lighten the load. Sometimes we count blessings. What we need to do is count our burdens, take them to the Lord, and leave them there.

Notice the progression: fret not, trust, delight, and commit. These are intertwined and inseparable. What are we worried about? We need to count our burdens, giving them to the Lord, and praise Him for His blessings. He is waiting to pour blessings on us if only we ask Him.

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