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Labor of Love

Matt Hagee

If there is anything that should be added to the endangered species list…it’s the family. We have redefined the family so many different times that it has come to be any group of people cohabitating together. But this is not what God’s Word considers a family. We must work together to bring the family back! Families are a vital part of our society, of our structure as a nation. We must begin to work together to help our families thrive again. We must work together as a labor of love.


If you’re working on building a family, you must have God as your foundation or what you are building is a labor in vain. Let the Word of God become your hedge of protection against the things that this world would allow to consume you.

Celebrate each day with your family, with your spouse. Each day is God’s gift to you! Use this precious gift to demonstrate to your loved ones that they are a priceless treasure in your life. Honor and cherish them. Be a godly example for those around you to follow.

Our society is great at taking advice from magazines and blogs when we should be taking our advice from God’s Word. Open the pages of God’s Word and let it consume you, let it enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones. Learn how to love each other like Christ loved the church. And yes, love is a lot of work…but it is so worth it!

Remember, God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. That was an amazing sacrifice! The kind of love that God requires of us takes a lot of effort. It is no small feat! Let your family know how much you love them every day. Let your spouse know how much you love them… that today you love them more than yesterday. And you will love them even more tomorrow.

Your spouse is a precious child of God! Don’t treat them worse than the person you sit next to in church. Demonstrate God’s love to your spouse before all others. God’s Word very clearly tells us that if we have not love…we are nothing. To have a covenant relationship before God, you must deny yourself and put your spouse first. Both of you must submit to God’s will in your marriage in order for it to work. Love your spouse completely. Love your family completely. What does that mean? It means to love people like Jesus loves you. He loves even the worst parts of you, knowing your sin and all that you do and think…He loves you even still.

Jesus loves you completely. He gave Himself for you. If that is our example, we must learn to love others regardless of their faults. Love people while they are still a work in progress…because we are ALL works in progress. And God still loves us, regardless.

Remember Sarah and Abraham as they arrived in Egypt after fleeing the famine in Bethel? Abraham tells Sarah to tell everyone that she is his sister so that he can avoid being killed. She says, “No problem.” Now, my wife would have probably said, “You’re dead. Either they’re going to get you or I am.” She would definitely not be up for going along with the role of playing my sister in order to save my life. No sir.

Over and over again, in the life of Abraham and Sarah, Sarah had many reasons to tell Abraham that he was crazy…but she never did. She said, “I am with you. I believe in you.” And she was able to speak life into him when everything else in him was dead. Because, let’s face it. At 100 years of age…a lot of things were probably not working well for Abraham.

But Sarah was willing to speak life into him. And when the time came for God to fulfill His promise to Abraham (that he would be the father of many nations), He fulfilled it through Sarah (when she gave birth to their son). And because Sarah had always spoken life into him, Abraham was thrilled to celebrate this amazing gift with her.

What are you speaking into your spouse? Sacrificial love speaks life even when there isn’t much to say. Christ loved us completely. He loved us sacrificially. And He always loves us in our hour of need. Husbands, we have a responsibility to see the needs of our wives and meet those needs.

How many things has Christ withheld from you? Big things? He took care of it. Little things? He took care of those, too. Unseen things? He always takes care of it. Do the same for your wife. Do things for her without expecting anything in return. You don’t need to receive a red badge of courage for taking out the trash when it’s overflowing. Just take out the trash without any grand announcements. Men, when you are submitted to Christ and you are submitting to help your wife with her needs…your wife will submit to your leadership. This is the way God designed it. Write this phrase down… Submission is how you accomplish the mission. Husbands are to submit to Christ. Wives submit to your husband’s leadership.

As you submit to accomplishing the mission, it creates a generational blessing. And when the blessings of God are upon your household, no power on this earth can stop you. No good thing will He withhold from you. The enemy is defeated. Your home is protected. What you have others around you will want, because God’s love is passionate and all-consuming. It will flow over onto those around you, and they can come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ! The best part of all…God’s love is available to ALL!

Love one another the way Christ loves us. Loves intentionally. Make your family and your spouse a priority. Do this and you will live like the days of heaven on earth.

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