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Keep Your Eyes On The Promise

John Hagee

The majority of people fail to see the problems in their lives as sent from God. If you view every problem as a punishment, you can easily become bitter and resentful. If you believe that every problem you face is because of your own shortcomings, then when you face a problem, you will complain, whine, and murmur. If that is how you view problems, you will live in an endless cycle of returning to the same problems over and over.

Don’t make a career out of your problem. Your problems don’t define you. Just because you are in a problem, or have a very large problem, or even have a whole host of problems, don’t give into making those problems your identity for life. You are not your problems.

You’ve got to keep your eye on the promise that is past the problem. You’ve got to remember that your redemption draweth nigh. No matter what, you’ve got to get back up and keep moving forward. The quickest way through a problem is straight through it. Lift your eyes to the hills again. Whatever problem has come your way, remember that your help comes from the Lord.

In the middle of your problem, look to the promise. Look to the Word. Find God’s promises for healing of your heart, of your body, and of your marriage. Nothing is too difficult for God. Keep working towards the success of your business, and don’t stop fighting for the restoration of your family. You can inherit your promised land just like the Israelites did if you keep your heart in the Word of God and your eyes on His good promises.

Don't quit and don’t give up. There is always hope. Contend for a rebirth of hope for your future. When your eyes are fixed on Jesus, your problems will begin to get smaller and smaller. Nothing is impossible for God. There is no mountain too high, there is no valley too deep, and there is no problem too insurmountable for the greatness, power, and majesty of God Most High.

Look today to the Author of your faith. Return your gaze to the one who created the universe and holds the stars in His right hand. He Himself is your promise for good and your exceeding great reward. As you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. He is your good shepherd.

Do not let the problems in your life take first place in your mind, your thoughts, or your emotions. Look unto Jesus once more. In Him you will find the prosperity of wells you didn't dig, the harvest of vineyards you didn't plant, and the dwelling of houses you did not build. Today, and every day, keep your eye on the promises of God and your hope fixed on Him.

What problem is on the forefront of your mind right now? Pray and submit that specific problem to God in heaven. Let your hope arise once more as you set your mind on Him. Isaiah 26:3–4 tells us: “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the LORD forever, for in YAH, the LORD, is everlasting strength” (NKJV).

The Great Divide Series

The Great Divide Series

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