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Firstfruits Offering

Put God first in everything you give.


“Firstfruits” means that you put God first in everything you give (Matthew 6:33). This means that before you pay the mortgage or your credit card bill, you give God your tithes FIRST. If you have ten one dollar bills lying on your countertop, and these dollar bills represent your income, you give him the first dollar bill…not the last one.

What you have in your hand never looks like it will be enough. But when you hand your firstfruits to God, He will take your seed and not only meet, but far exceed your need above all that you can ask, think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

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Firstfruits Offering

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Thank you for honoring God and for blessing this ministry with your Firstfruits Offering. By sowing your seed into the work at John Hagee Ministries, you are winning souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and changing lives with the powerful Word of the living God! Your firstfruits are making a profound difference, as daily we receive life changing testimonies of healed bodies, restored marriages and new souls touched by the miracle power of the Gospel! Your seed will produce a harvest for all eternity.