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It's Not All About You...

Matt Hagee

I call my kids "The Awesome Foursome" because they inspire me in so many ways. I have the privilege of being their dad and can watch them interact on a daily basis. In doing so, I learn so much about myself. I can identify certain behaviors that I see in them and think to myself, "I know exactly where that came from!"

There are times, however, when my greatest challenge is to get one of my children to stop thinking about their individual desire and consider that there are others in this household as well. Granted, it occurs more often with the 2 year old than it does with the 10 year old. This “self” attitude can appear on any given day, at any given age, no matter who you are. Like it or not, it is in our nature to think about ourselves.

As a matter of fact, our culture is obsessed with “self.” We've gone so far as to create a popular trend known as "selfies." People assume that the world wants to know what they look like in a new shade of lipstick, how their toes look on the back porch, or what they look like when they smash their lips together and create an expression known as a “duck face.” I know it sounds strange and absurd, but it's true. Now more than ever, we focus on "el número uno"; me, myself, and I.

The problem with this “self” behavior goes much deeper than the silly pictures we post on social media. It has created a world where we seldom consider others, their feelings or the circumstances they are walking through in the moment. Instead of being helpful to them we wait to be helped by them. When we walk through difficult times and are so focused on self, we overlook the growth that can come out of struggle. Instead, we often blame others for why we are enduring such a tough season and how, if they would have done something different, then we wouldn't be going through all this!

The truth is, our lives are made up of so many different occurrences involving way too many people, places, and events for any of it to be an accident. It's really not about you. Life is about all of the things God has put right in front of you so you would have the opportunity in that very moment to be there for others.

If you are in a season of success, no matter how much of it you did for yourself, others had a hand in it as well. You may be tempted to enjoy it alone; but remember you didn't get there by yourself.

If you are in a season of struggle, it may seem like it’s the worst day of your life; but I promise you there's something you will learn from this moment that will make you better and it will give you the tools to make others better in the future.

No matter what you are going through today or where you find yourself, know that you are there by the grace of God and He has given you the opportunity to shine for Him by showing others what He can do. So please, even if you feel the urge to post it with a picture, or hash-tag it until it trends, remember it's not all about you. It's about how God wants to use you to show others that He's still on the throne and is still taking care of your every need.

Matt Hagee

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Canton Junction: Great Is Thy Faithfulness LIVE