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Don’t Forget to Take a Stand

Matt Hagee

Our lives seem to be in continuous motion. It really doesn’t matter how routine or random, we live in a state of endless activity. It is certainly a challenge to balance the requirements of work, family, social life, and church. I often will sit down and write down a very structured schedule that I am determined to abide by, and then with a phone call, my best-laid plans are destroyed because the unexpected has once again hijacked the day. This is what makes the “routine” sacred.

It may be a family dinner around the table at a set time with no distractions, a Saturday cup of coffee on the back porch with your spouse, a late-night conversation in the living room without interruption, breakfast on Sunday with your dad before church, or lunch on Sunday afternoon with friends. No matter what that sacred scheduled time happens to be, it is so worth it. Our fast-paced culture can so quickly rob us of the quality time. If you are going to have these moments they will have to be on purpose.

Quality time isn’t the only challenge that comes with this high-speed society. When life moves this fast, one of the other problems we face is distraction. It can be difficult to stay focused. Focus is an essential element of success in this life. Right now the world is so full of distraction that we cannot pay attention to what matters most. We cannot pay attention to decisions that are being made in our nation that will have a huge impact on our future.

Think of all that you have heard lately that we need to pay attention to.

* Kate Steinle was murdered on Pier 14 in San Francisco by a man in the country illegally.

* Planned Parenthood is selling the harvested body parts of babies that they murder in abortions.

* State Department makes a deal to allow the world’s number 1 sponsor of terrorism, Iran, the funds to continue to sponsor terrorism, and the ability to develop nuclear weapons.

* Supreme Court votes 5 to 4 to recognize marriage between same sex couples.

These are just a few of the gripping headlines that we must not ignore, but then we get distracted because a dentist in Minneapolis shot and killed a lion in Zimbabwe. Just a thought; if we would have given a name to every child that Planned Parenthood crushed, severed, and sold, would they get the same attention that the lion got from the rest of the world?

I know you are busy, because I am busy too. I know that you are tired of all this nonsense in our world, because it can be truly exhausting. However, we must not ever be too busy to take a stand. We must not allow injustice and wrong to get a free pass because we were preoccupied at the time. You may take a stand by writing a letter to an elected official. You may take a stand by choosing not to do business with those who contribute to organizations like Planned Parenthood. You may take a stand by simply getting on your knees every day and praying for our country and its future.

No matter how you choose to do it, you need to know, the next generation is watching you. They are learning, by observation, what matters most to you. When they see your routine they learn, by the pattern you set, what you place a high value upon. And when you choose to take a stand, they become aware that the good fight of faith is still worth fighting, and that with a little determination and grit, in the end, TRUTH will win.

Matt Hagee

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