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Firstfruits Offering

by John Hagee

The quickest way to receive God’s blessing is through obedience.  Pastor Hagee takes us through the Biblical explanation of firstfruits giving, and the prosperity that follows.  In order to reap the blessings we all desire, we must put God first, not only in our living but also in our giving.  “Firstfruits” means to precede all others in time, order and importance.  What happens with the first portion of your income determines what happens to the rest.  This powerful message describes how everyone battles with their own human will.  However, if your will contradicts God’s will, He is not the Lord of your life.  Pastor Hagee will take you from the Garden of Eden to modern day living, explaining that the Biblical principles for abundance are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Decisions that Produce Wealth

Decisions that Produce Wealth