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Ricardo Sanchez: Grand Symphony

“Life is a symphony,” says worship leader and recording artist Ricardo Sanchez. “Everyone has a story to tell and a part to play. There’s reason and purpose in it all.” This newest season in life has offered much to fuel Ricardo’s creative passions, and the result is on full display in Grand Symphony. Ricardo’s first full-length studio recording, the album is a showcase of international influences—an infectious, engaging collection of world beats and memorable melodies. Produced by Ricardo, along with Israel Houghton and Mark Townsend, Grand Symphony features a collection of pop-oriented originals including, “Por Cristo” and “Halle Halle,” to the inspirational “Take Over,” which reflects a new attitude of surrender and gratitude for Ricardo and his family.

  • 1 Por Cristo, For Christ
  • 2 All Power
  • 3 Halle-Halle
  • 4 Grand Symphony
  • 5 Breathe Your Name
  • 6 Life
  • 7 Forgiven
  • 8 Take Over
  • 9 Hope Is Here
  • 10 Sing Hallelujah
  • 11 Love The Name
  • 12 Redeemed
  • 13 Redeemed Reprise
sku: M90C