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Finding Faith in the Flood Series

By Matt Hagee

You will enjoy Pastor Matt’s sermon about Noah building the ark. Can you imagine getting your entire family to join you in a boat-building project, when the world had never seen a drop of rain? But Noah did exactly this, and saved his family because he was faithful to what God asked him to do.

If you’re facing a great, unexpected trial today, know that the flood in your life might have surprised you…but it did not surprise God. Are you following God’s plan for your life, for your family? Are you remaining steadfast in your faith?

If you feel as if the world has forgotten you, know that God never forgets! Something overwhelming might be consuming your attention today, but God sees you. Faith doesn’t look at your circumstances or listen to the opinions of others; faith starts out before you know how things will turn out.

This sermon series includes:

  • That’s Never Been Done Before
  • Build an Ark for Your Family
  • The God Who Remembers.