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Feels Like Home

Enjoy Ivan Parker’s classic style with songs that helped define a golden era of gospel music in this all new release! Feels Like Home, is a watershed collection of 11 gospel classics that indelibly inspired the artist's own calling.

  • 1 Feeling at Home in the Presence of Jesus
  • 2 Why Me
  • 3 I’ll Have a New Song
  • 4 I Just Came to Talk With You Lord
  • 5 Dig a Little Deeper in God’s Love
  • 6 His Hand in Mine
  • 7 I’m The Lamb (The Shepherd Left the Flock For)
  • 8 The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me
  • 9 You and Me Jesus
  • 10 I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding my Hand)
  • 11 Through it All
sku: M103C