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Great Questions of the Bible, Volume 2 (4 pack)

By John Hagee

Pastor Hagee reminds us that the Bible is full of urgent questions. Even the disciples asked questions regarding Christ’s return. “When will the end come? What will be the sign of your returning?” You will enjoy Pastor’s vivid description of the Great Tribulation and his explanation on why we whole-heartedly support Israel and the Jewish people.

Jesus also asked the crowds that followed him questions. “Why do you worry?” Worry is not dependent upon your circumstances, but solely dependent upon you. Don’t waste your time, filling your hours with worrying about things that might never happen. Worry is interest paid on trouble before it ever happens.

Even Adam was questioned by God. “Where are you?” Sin separates man from God. Has sin separated YOU from God? You will either please God and offend the world, or offend the world and please God.

This series includes:

  • A Question Jesus Could Not Answer
  • Why Do Christians Support Israel?
  • Why Do You Worry?
  • The Supreme Question