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The God Who is For You

By Matt Hagee

It rains on the just and the unjust. God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. He is still in charge and everything is going to be alright. Every promise in His Word is true. He is an all-sufficient God who is still in the healing business. The Christian life is not void of struggle, but Jesus is for you and He walks beside you!

We serve the Name that is above every other name. He is able. He is a healer, no matter the illness. He is a provider, no matter how grave the circumstances.

You might be asking yourself, “Am I going to make it?” Questions are normal. While we are saturated in desperate headlines, God is still in control! Just ask and He will move heaven and earth on your behalf, granting you total peace in the storm.

This series includes the following sermons:

  • The God Who is For You
  • To Whom it May Concern
  • Am I Going to Make It?