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It's Time to Rebuild Series

By Matt Hagee

God used Nehemiah, the King’s cupbearer, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah repented and humbled himself before God…and got to work. Repentance brought refreshing and favor. Everything done for God’s glory takes work. Faith without works is dead. To rebuild the pieces of our lives that are broken and in disrepair, we must repent and follow God’s lead, never failing to give Him thanks for His goodness and His mercy. We cry out in times of chaos, but sometimes forget how we got there when things are good. We must humble ourselves and remember God’s direction and His power. It’s not a matter of IF God will restore to us what we have lost, but WHEN.

This sermon series includes:

  • We All Have Work to Do
  • One Gate at a Time
  • Don’t Take it for Granted
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