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Balancing the Scales Series

By Matt Hagee

We live in a world where the scales must be balanced. Truth and justice must prevail, in a system that treats everyone equally. But whose scales do we use? If we use the wrong ones our society will never be balanced. Find out why politically correct scales and social scales will never work. We weren’t created in the image of a statistic. Only God’s Word brings balance. If we don’t stand up for the truth, the only thing we have is a lie. Don’t be consumed by the lie. We are only set free by the truth, because of the blood shed at Calvary.

In the end times, people will walk away from the faith because of deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. Do you see deception in today’s world? You either believe the truth, or you believe the lie. Wake up and realize that we are here to declare the truth of the Gospel!

This series includes the following sermons:

  • All things Being Equal
  • A nation in Need of Truth
  • How to Hypnotize a Generation