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Miracles Still Happen Series

By John Hagee

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Is your mouth destroying your peace, your marriage, your health? Control your tongue or it will destroy your life. What you declare in harmony with God’s Word is the most powerful speech on earth.

Every miracle has two parts…God’s part and your part. You must demonstrate your faith to produce the miracle. God delights in your well-being, and the best is yet to be!

The disciples had fished all night when Jesus got into the boat, telling them to cast their nets in the deep. Experienced fishermen said, “Nevertheless, at Your word…” They forsook ALL and followed him. Their success began with a failure. Are you frustrated with your limited success? Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker. Persistence overcomes resistance…it finds a way, not an excuse. Nothing is impossible with God!

This sermon series includes the following sermons:

  • The Miracle in Your Mouth
  • The Best is Yet to Be
  • The Miracle of Provision
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