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Not On My Watch Series

By Matt Hagee

The world is in desperate need of watchmen who will stand up for this generation, going before the throne of God, asking him to move on our behalf. We need God to send a refreshing wind of revival. We need watchmen who are willing to ask God for a mighty move in our nation, in our world. If it was up to us, all would be lost. But the Lord is our keeper…and He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is able to provide, protect, redeem and restore.

Not everybody who has a position, has power. But those who serve God will always have power…the kind of power that moves heaven and earth. Where do you look for help? Don’t look to the hills that surround the city, but to the God who holds the hills in the palm of his hand. Do not be afraid to stand tall and speak the truth found in God’s Word.

The sermons found in this series include

  • Where Are the Watchmen?
  • The Lord is My Keeper
  • Am I My Brother’s Keeper?