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Come and Take It Series

By Matt Hagee

When trouble comes your way, you might think, “Why me?” You must adapt the mindset of someone who is more than a conqueror. No one has the authority to take away your victory. When adversity comes your way, it’s God’s university, setting you up for ultimate success. Learn to listen to God’s voice in your life; don’t let the other voices drown Him out. When the enemy comes seeking what he might destroy in your life…adapt a “Come and Take It” mind set! God is on your side and everything is going to be alright! While we might face uncertainty or times of great trial, we are already promised the victory through Christ Jesus! Be willing to be used by God and know that great things are on the horizon.

This series includes the following sermons:

  • Come and Take It
  • What Christ Came Here To Do
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Come and Take It Series CD includes:
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Come and Take It Series DVD includes: