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Glory to God in the Highest Series

By Matt Hagee

“Glory to God in the highest” needs to be an attitude that we live by. If you’re going to thrive, it’s important to give God glory in all things…regardless of what you do or don’t understand. He will lift your burden, meet your every need and send the answer you seek just at the right time.

Don’t stop believing in the God who believes in you. He is faithful. No matter what you’re facing today, good or bad, He is with you. Praise Him! God gave us His Son, a priceless treasure who died that we might be redeemed, set free. He redeemed and adopted us as if we were never outsiders. Don’t get lost in the details before Christ’s return. The victory belongs to the Lord.

This series includes the following sermons:

  • The Gift You Cannot Forget
  • The Buried Treasure of Bethlehem
  • The Blessing of Being Adopted