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America's Answer Series

By John Hagee

“If my people…will humble themselves and pray and seek My face…” IF we humble ourselves…THEN He will heal our land. Prayer is a powerless tool until you utilize it. America’s answer began with a prayer meeting that birthed this nation. Prayer warfare is the key to healing our nation and the world around us! When law and order collapse, this country will be gone. If we do not proclaim our liberty, it will be taken from us.

God has promised to shatter nations with Israel. The love of God for the Jewish people is eternal. God’s heart dwells there. He chose the Jewish people as His treasure, the apple of his eye. Jerusalem is the epicenter of God’s universe, the shoreline of eternity. Throughout history, any nation that has turned their back on Israel has been destroyed. If America turns its back on Israel, God will turn His back on us.

This series includes the following sermons:

  • The Weapon of Prayer
  • Proclaim Liberty
  • Israel: God’s Battle-Ax
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