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What a Way to Live

By Matt Hagee

Live a life of worship, because worshipping the King is what matters most. If you want to see miracles, worship Him. Praise Him in the midnight hour and watch His power wash over your life. Worship is for real people who have real problems and need real answers. It will change your life when you worship in spirit and in truth. Everyone is worshipping something. Are you worshipping God or the Enemy? It’s not a matter of WHO you will worship, but WHEN. A day will come when every knee shall bow. Now is the time to choose wisely. Give God your very best. You can’t beg or complain your way into His presence. You praise your way into God’s presence…and in His presence is the fullness of joy. Praise is the echo of your heart that fills the hallways of heaven. You can be set free through praise. Praise is powerful and personal. It is not optional.

This series contains the following sermons:

  • What Matters Most
  • The Best You Have to Give
  • The Attitude of Praise