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The Countdown Has Begun...

The end of the world as we know it is occurring in stages as clearly set forth in God’s Word. In The End of the Age, New York Times bestselling author John Hagee counts down the prophetic minutes through events that must occur before the fateful moment when everyone must come before God on Judgment Day.

Citing examples from national and international media and using the Bible to confirm his insights, Hagee presents a compelling argument to prove that the countdown has begun. This timely message discusses:

  • the reality of virtual terrorism
  • the financial crisis and coming economic crash
  • opposing views of the Rapture
  • societal indicators of the end of the Age
  • the establishment of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel
  • the purpose of the Tribulation and the Millennium


Download two free sample chapters and start reading before your book arrives.


“From the beginning of the last century until today, there is no doubt that rumors of wars, earthquakes, pestilence, and signs in the heavens have increased. The new age is about to be born, but the most severe contractions are just before us.” — Excerpt from The End of the Age

“Mark it down: the End of the Age is approaching, but it won’t be ushered in by the advent of space aliens or catastrophic asteroids. It will come like a woman in travail, and each intensifying contraction will signal the earth’s imminent destiny. These birth pains are only the beginning of a series of events unlike anything the world has ever seen. They will precede the final judgment day—when the ungodly must stand before the terrifying Great White Throne and give an account for their lives. The staggering significance of that moment makes all catastrophes seem like insignificant footnotes in the scroll of life.” — Excerpt from The End of the Age

“We have built a society upon the pillars of technology, a capitalistic economy, and human government. Just like in the times of Babel, we have conveniently forgotten or deliberately ignored God’s precepts and warnings in order to go our own way. But as the clock nears midnight, my friend, the birth pangs of the coming End of the Age are sending shock waves throughout civilization. The pillars of our society are teetering, and soon they will fall.” — Excerpt from The End of the Age

“Know this, the hand of the Almighty God who chose to bless mankind through the patriarchs, the prophets, Jesus Christ, the twelve disciples, Saint Paul, and through the gift of His eternal Word will judge every nation and individual who has expressed hatred toward the Jewish people.” — Excerpt from The End of the Age

“As we witness daily news reports predicting a global economic collapse, the dangerous increase of Iran’s nuclear power capabilities, China’s quest for world dominance, the skyrocketing rate of suicide, the rising threat of socialism, the anarchy spilling into the streets, the attack on our nation’s capital, and the mounting death toll due to the coronavirus, we can still be comforted in the prophetic Scriptures, which confirm that God is still on His throne and will reign in power and glory in the age to come.” — Excerpt from The End of the Age

About Pastor John Hagee

JOHN HAGEE is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a nondenominational evangelical congregation with more than 22,000 active members. He is the author of more than forty books, including several New York Times bestsellers, his most recent releases being Earth’s Last Empire: The Final Game of Thrones and Absolute Power. Pastor Hagee is the founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) with more than ten million members. Hagee Ministries television and radio outreach spans America and the nations of the world.