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Knowing God Volume 2 Series

By John Hagee

Do you want to know what God thinks? Open the Bible. God loved you so much that He gave His only Son to die in your place. Your attitude about your future determines your success. Meditate on the Word and the will of God, and peace will be yours. As a man thinketh so is he. Your thought life determines the quality of your life. It’s not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. Your attitude embraces faith or wallows in doubt. Think about what God has done to bring you this far.

Grace is the unmerited favor of God. It’s an ocean whose shoreline has never been charted and whose depths have never been plumbed. Grace will set you free from the tyranny of your past, and the tyranny of other people. Don’t let the opinions of others define who you are…only God determines that. You are either a Father pleaser or a people pleaser. You cannot be both. We serve the God of new beginnings.

This series contains the following sermons: Knowing the Mind of God, Knowing the Grace of God.