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The Good News

By Matt Hagee

Our lives are saturated with news, oftentimes filled with an enormous amount of negativity. But there is something that you can add to the inside of your life that will change everything. His name is Jesus Christ.

The Bible is a Source of good news that can drown out all the bad and set the captive free! Good news comes from good places, but it must be received to make a difference.

You and God outnumber your problems. If God is for you, who can be against you? Speak to your problems about the Problem Solver and watch mountains of impossibility move in your favor.

Sometimes headlines don’t convey the full weight of their impact on our lives. Think of the impact of Jesus’ statement on the cross, “It is finished.” With those three words, He shaped every aspect of our lives in this life and the one to come. Because of this gift, we have been redeemed and set free!

This series contains the following sermons: The Inside Addition, Outnumbered, Headline News.

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