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Promise, Problem, Provision Series

By John Hagee

The greater the promise, the greater the problem. If God gives you a million-dollar promise, He’s going to give you a million-dollar problem. God gave Abraham a promise in Genesis 12 that shaped the world. And then he climbed Mt. Moriah with his son. Great promises bring great problems. How you react in the problem determines how long you remain in the problem. You can stay in the wilderness for 40 years like the Israelites or 40 days like Jesus. Don’t make a career out of your problem! Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.

Are you walking through a problem that seems beyond your capacity to resolve? Trust in God. Call upon Him, rest in his promises and he will supernaturally deliver you. How you see the problem is the problem. Don’t allow others to control how you see yourself. You were created for greatness! Don’t be afraid of your future. Live with joy! When God gives you an assignment, stand up and take it. He will equip you when you step out in faith.

Everything God offers comes in promise form. The Bible is filled with promises like healing and prosperity. Between the promise God gives you and his provision, God sends a problem to test what’s inside of you. He sends you into a problem to see how you will react. How you conduct yourself in the problem will determine how long you stay there. When you cry out to God and trust his lead, you will walk into the priceless provision He has prepared for you.

This series contains the following sermons: The Power of the Promise, Steps in Solving the Problem, The Priceless Provision...Entering the Land.