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Jerusalem: The City of God Series

By John Hagee

The winds of war are blowing in different directions as Russia pushes to rebuild the USSR. What does the Bible say about the Russian invasion of Israel? Israel has a Defender who neither slumbers nor sleeps. God’s message to America, “The day you stop defending Israel is the day God stops defending you.” When there is peace in Jerusalem, there is peace in the world. Right now, the world is searching for peace in all the wrong ways, looking in all the wrong places. America is living in a state of chaos because we have rejected the Prince of Peace; the Prince of Darkness is taking over. Peace is the gift of God that cannot be obtained without first surrendering our lives to him. Why pray for the peace of Jerusalem? The Bible commands it. To pray for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray for the arrival of Messiah. When He returns, we will have peace like never before.

Jerusalem is the epicenter of God’s universe. Everything dear to our Christian roots is found there, including unstoppable prosperity. It all begins with you and the Lord. The principles of righteousness began with Abraham, who was very wealthy. God is saying, “Try me.” Honor him with your tithe and watch as unlimited blessings come your way.

This series includes the following sermons: Jerusalem and WWIII, Jerusalem: The City of Peace, Jerusalem: Path to Prosperity.

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