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Saving America Series, Part 1

By John Hagee

The Ten Commandments start by telling us not to have any other gods before Almighty God…but our nation is serving many gods, and not placing Jehovah God in a place of priority. What would America be like if we obeyed the Ten Commandments? There would be a revival of holiness. The Ten Commandments are not recommendations; they are a binding blueprint for success.

Keep and teach the Commandments if you want to be called great in the Kingdom. Things that seem irresistible can ultimately destroy you. What you worship will control you.

The worst sin is using the Lord’s name in vain. God cannot forgive this. His name is sacred and holy…so holy that He did not share it for thousands of years. His name will open the gates of heaven and close the gates of hell. Do you know the different names of God?

The battle between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness is raging. In the authority of Jesus’ name, let’s win it! Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. This is God’s day, and He must remain our focus in a world that offers many distractions.

The fifth commandment comes with a promise… “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land…” We must diligently teach the Bible to our children and bring God back to America! God’s blueprint for the family is under attack.

Volume I includes the following sermons: Saving America with the Ten Commandments, Fatal Attraction, The Sacred Name, Remember the Sabbath Day, Honor Your Father and Mother: The Commandment with a Promise.