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Its About Time Series

By Matt Hagee

The world is filled with information about what to do with our time. We are saturated with distractions, and yet we measure the quality of our day based on how we spent our time. The one thing that is constantly being consumed and never renewed is our time.

Time is the distinguishing factor between us and God. We have a limited amount of time and resources, but God has no restrictions or limits. With the time we have, we must be strong and work. Don’t waste precious time on things that aren’t God-honoring. Take one day at a time. When you can’t do something, when you don’t know… God is already in the middle of your situation, making a way!

We need heroes that are willing to stand up and tell the truth, to lead by example. We need men who are ready to serve those around them. Fathers, the world needs you! When you can’t carry the load, cast your cares upon the Lord. It’s time for our fathers to be the men God called them to be.

This sermon series includes the following sermons: It’s About Time, It’s Time to Be the Man, One Day at a Time.

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