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Canton Junction: Every Hallelujah

Produced by award-winning musician Garry Jones, and featuring powerful new songs alongside well-loved classics, Every Hallelujah is a perfect reflection of both the talent and heart of Canton Junction.

The wide array of songs selected showcases the remarkable versatility of these combination of voices with Gospel classics “When He Was On The Cross” and “The King And I,” to the freshly arranged hit single “Weep No More” featured in the theatrical docudrama Four Blood Moons.

The group’s talent and passion shine through on this highly anticipated album, the first recording to feature new members Ryan Seaton (baritone) and Casey Rivers (lead), joining Matthew Hagee and Tim Duncan.

  • 1 God's Got A Better Plan
  • 2 Tumbling Down
  • 3 It Wasn't Raining
  • 4 When He Was On The Cross
  • 5 When I Lift Up My Head
  • 6 Every Hallelujah
  • 7 I Am
  • 8 A Place Called Grace
  • 9 For Moments Like These
  • 10 I Need A Little More Jesus
  • 11 Living For Heaven
  • 12 Weep No More
  • 13 The King And I
sku: M71C