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Four Kings: The Final Game of Thrones Series

By John Hagee

Enjoy this powerful prophetic series by Pastor Hagee. Bible prophecy clearly reveals that immediately prior to the rapture of the Church, four powerful kings will race onto the stage of world history with two objectives. What are they? Where do the four kings come from and what do they signify?

See why Pastor Hagee believes that we are in the beginning stages of World War III and how this will eventually take us to the Battle of Armageddon.

Get your note-taking materials. Each sermon is drenched in research and Scripture, making the Word of God come to life as Pastor vividly describes the key players that signify...the King is coming!

The four sermons in this powerful, prophetic series are:

  • The King of the North
  • The King of the South
  • The Kings of the East
  • The King of the West
  • With bonus sermon: The King of Kings